Ironic Fortune

“Annoyances” like using hyphens in fortunes?

“Annoyances” like using hyphens in fortunes?

Last night my older son and I ate at Pei Wei (yes, one of the acceptable restaurants on his list; in fact, one of his favorites). Even though he had his “Game Informer” magazine at the ready, which meant he would rather read than talk, I decided to engage him in conversation about his future.

Because his senior year at UTSA looms largely ahead of him, I want him to think about what kind of job he’ll pursue after graduation, his long-term goals, and how to achieve them. So that was the main topic of our talk . . . except that he didn’t want to participate.

“This is annoying,” he proclaimed amid many eye rolls after consuming a fortune cookie. “I just want to eat and enjoy my summer.” Which meant putting this discussion on the back burner for awhile.

Normally I might be a little discouraged after this kind of exchange with my precious, hard-headed son. But then I read his fortune:

“If you put up with small annoyances, you will gain great results.”

Hope this means his future is looking good!


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