The State of the Summer

Parking permits are ready to be used.

Parking permits are ready to be used.

Now that we’re into August, it’s time to sum up how our summer is going in one word:


In exactly 20 days, we will move my younger son into his dorm at Sam Houston State. The next day, his older brother will drive to UTSA to start his senior year.

Breathe in, breathe out. Repeat.

A few school supplies for the kid

A few school supplies for the kid

I’ve slowly but surely been gathering things the kid will need in his dorm. Every time I add an item to his list, I have to smile when I remember how my freshman roommate Jan brought a popcorn popper, and I toted my beloved suitcase record player to our tiny dorm room at the University of Illinois. Methinks my son will get by with his dig’s microwave (and small fridge) and iTunes on his iPhone 4S. Easy peasy!

Notice a couple great test grades?

Notice a couple great test grades?

My #2 son is almost finished with his summer school Finite Math class at our local junior college. He’ll have his fourth test Thursday, go to class next Monday to review, and then take the final the following day. Here’s hoping he starts college with an A average!

His older brother continues to use his spreadsheet skills at our box-distribution company. He’s definitely helping the hand that feeds while earning money for college. Love those win-win situations!

Thanks for noticing!

Thanks for noticing!

Before the boys leave the nest, we’ll celebrate my (gulp!) 60th birthday on the 15th. We have special family time planned for the big day. My three guys are my favorite party animals!

We only have three weeks left before our summer ends. I’m sure that the time spent in class, at work, and in doctors’ offices and dentists’ chairs will be forgotten amid the swirl of TopGolf, disc golf, and playing videogames with friends. The boys will go on to new adventures, learning, fun, and, ultimately, graduation.

Meanwhile, the Mister and I will look at each other on August 27 in our quiet house and wonder where life will take us. It might be time to finally grow up!

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