Too Many Thoughts

Lots to do

Lots to do

With the boys leaving for their respective colleges in a little over two weeks, I’ve started feeling very overwhelmed. There still is so much to do before they go.

When you add in a bunch of dental appointments (including my older son’s implant on August 16 to repair a fractured root in what was a fragile tooth) and doctor visits (including my younger son’s outpatient surgery tomorrow), I can’t help but feel like my head is about to explode.

Sidebar: I realize that as a transplanted Texan that I should’ve written “I can’t help but feel like my head is fixin’ to explode.” However, my strong Midwestern grammar sensibilities aren’t about to let that happen.

So this past Monday I sat down at the dining room table with a piece of paper and four colored pens, and I did a brain dump. I drew a calendar for the rest of August, filling in most of the non-squares with the boys’ appointments and what-not. Then I wrote down To Do and To Buy items (most of the latter, though, are in the Notes section of my iPhone 5).

As I looked at the paper afterwards, my mood lifted a little. My brain felt less clogged, and some of my thinking was restored.

Now if only that brain dump could shop and do some tasks for me!

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