Random Updates

The kid rocks the shower cap!

The kid rocked the shower cap!

Here are several updates about things I’ve mentioned or photos that have been in recent posts:

First, my younger son’s outpatient surgery last Friday was successful. Plus it was the less serious of two possibilities. He has to limit his activity for a week or two, but he should be fine in time for college move-in on August 24.

Remember this tampered sign?

Remember this tampered sign?

The road sign leading into my master-planned community that made us giggle every time we saw it finally has been replaced. We thought it might become a landmark.



Now it’s just plain boring.

Keep away!

Keep away!

When I wrote that punny post about the disc golf birdies and the bees, I wondered why the buzzers were so attracted to this spot.

Honey anyone?

Honey anyone?

We found out the next time the Southwest Handicap Mini stopped at the Aquatic Center course. Someone had taken the lid off, exposing what the bees had been building. Intriguing yet still nothing I want to get close to.

The restroom choices at the restaurant. Yes, I had to think about which door to choose.

The restroom choices at the restaurant. Yes, I had to think about which door to choose.

Finally, Team Beowulf went down in flames at the Houston Trivia city finals at Little Woodrow’s last Saturday. The four of us plus Josh put up a valiant effort, but we didn’t advance to state. It didn’t help that not only did we have the youngest team members by far, but I fell ill during the first half and missed three questions when I was in the restroom where I was trying to keep from fainting twice (I think the culprit was dehydration after my morning run).

It’s all for the best, though, because now we can move the kid into his dorm a day earlier, which works better for his roommate’s family. Here’s hoping he’s able to lift boxes by then!


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