The Final Day, Take 2

Lots of stuff is waiting to be packed.

Lots of stuff is waiting to be packed.

What happened to our summer vacation? It seems like the days were filled with steel, naturally and hopelessly drawn to a magnetic date I had circled on the calendar back in early June.

That date? August 24th. Or, more specifically, when we would move my younger son to his Sam Houston State dorm, Sam Houston Village.

Which is tomorrow.

The kid lasers in a putt during last Tuesday's Southwest Handicap Mini.

The kid lasers in a putt during last Tuesday’s Southwest Handicap Mini.

Three years ago, I faced this final day before my older son left for UTSA. And now it’s his little brother’s turn. Once again it’s bittersweet: Sweet, because I’m happy and thankful that my son has a wonderful college opportunity. Bitter, because, like with his big bro, I’ll miss him so much.

The kid channels his inner ghost while waiting for his eye checkup.

The kid channels his inner ghost while waiting for his eye checkup.

And to add to this mixed bag of feelings is the fact that this is my baby who is flying away from the nest. He’s always been so close to the Mister and I. I always can count on him to distract me from my work with terrific talks about anything and everything (well, except for his love life, he told me), spontaneous outings, and “Scrubs” marathons on Netflix.

How I will miss his smile, his twinkly green eyes, and his ready laugh! I’m sure I’ll feel lost and alone at times.

As I wrote three years ago, no one can sum up how a dedicated and devoted mom feels when her kids leave home like that silly, old bear, Winnie the Pooh:

This says it all!

This says it all!

Yes, my beloved baby boy, I will always be with you in your heart, as you always will be in mine. I would write more . . . but I suddenly can’t see the iMac monitor through my tears once again.

2 responses to “The Final Day, Take 2

  1. Susan, I have always enjoyed the pictures you post (especially those of Eric of course), and the nice comments you wrote at C.J.’s graduation about Eric. I feel as if I know you. My heart feels what you are going through right now. I remember the tears especially when Eric moved to Texas and also when “my baby”, Julie, got engaged and I knew it would really be an empty feeling. You sound like a very devoted Mother and special friend to your sons. My thoughts and prayers are with you and hubby as you move on to the next step of Parenthood!!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Mrs. J! Sounds like you know what I’m going through. I guess you can tell how much we like Eric—he’s been a great friend to C.J., as well as to Rick and I. We hope to see you the next time you visit (possibly in January?!?).

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