Another Squirrelly Tale—Pint-Size Division

This was how far he could climb the oak tree.

This was how far he could climb up our oak tree.

It’s been well-documented in this blog how much birds, animals and insects are drawn to our front door (as well as to my home office and our garage and backyard . . . shudder!). Nature seems to be constantly knocking, probably because it often horrifies me.

Opposites do attract, unfortunately for me.

This past Monday it happened again. The day before, the Mister and I had seen the tiniest of squirrels down the street. It wasn’t a baby, but it wasn’t close to full grown. And it wasn’t afraid of humans. It tried to follow us, but, fortunately, it finally scampered towards a neighbor’s backyard.

It was a short-lived break.

Hey there, hi there, ho there!

Hey there, hi there, ho there!

About 24 hours later, the little guy was in our front yard. As I was snapping pics of him from the front door, he headed my way. Of course. Naturally, I shut it, but I changed lenses (from my Nikon 70-200mm to my Nikon 105mm) and kept shooting through the windows.

Oh oh!

Oh oh!

Before long he was climbing up the door jamb! What is it with that area that’s so attractive to nature’s beasts? Fortunately, he quickly gave up and pondered the situation for awhile.

Hello and goodbye!

Hello and goodbye!

I definitely need to get rid of that welcome mat!

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