Fill ’Er Up!

Oh, how I miss seeing this face every day!

Oh, how I miss seeing this handsome face every day!

As a mom, my heart usually is filled to the brim with my warm feelings for my two precious sons. But with both of them at their respective colleges, sometimes I feel like I’m a quart or two low these days.

Enter technology. Last night our younger son Skyped us for the first time since he’s been away, and my spirits instantly lifted.

I can’t get enough of those twinkling green eyes!

I can’t get enough of that smile!

Even though this isn’t face to face, I’ll take all I can get of it. It makes me feel more at peace seeing how happy and content he is.

Hey, #1 son! Let’s Skype tonight!


2 responses to “Fill ’Er Up!

  1. Awe this is sweet! Congrats on successfully helping both sons launch. Back in my day I needed a calling card to call home and a trip down to the computer lab to email with Dad. Mom didn’t have such fanciness. 🙂

    • You were cutting edge, my sweet Ralphie! I forgot about calling cards (which your mom and I, of course, didn’t have). Wonder what technology will be like when your little Z-man goes off to college.

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