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Bucolic Disc Golf

Such a restful setting for a basket during an oft-stress-filled game

Such a restful setting for a basket during an oft-stressful game

Usually the most-scenic parts of disc golf courses are trees and lakes. But River Pointe Church’s land also features a fenced-off cow pasture. Players whose discs go off-line have to recover them from this out-of-bounds area.

Most of the time, the toughest aspect of that retrieval is trying not to get hung up on the barbed-wire fence; we rarely see any animals near by. However, during last Tuesday’s Southwest Handicap Mini finale, some of the four-legged clientele were up close and personal with one of the baskets.

The kid ignores the background.

The kid ignores the animal background.

At first when I was walking towards the basket from across the course, it actually looked like the cows were on the wrong side of the fence! What a relief to see that wasn’t the case. I sure didn’t want them messing with my beloved baby boy (as well as the Mister, who would have been the one rescuing him while I snapped photos)!

A great putt!

A great putt!

Despite all the chain clanging, the bovine peanut gallery paid udderly no attention to the players. Even Hiral’s stunning birdie putt turned no heads.

Talk about your tough crowd!