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Happy Internet Halloween

Looks like Aragog’s relative (Harry Potter alert!)

Looks like Aragog’s relative (Harry Potter alert!)

Photoshop helped me get into the Halloween spirit with this pic, which I recently snapped in Chicago. When I downsized it for easy blog posting, I selected “save for web.”

How ironic! Hope all the spiders you really encounter are much smaller today on Halloween . . . and every day!

One-Word Wednesday

This unique bench made out of bats and bases was at Lou Malnati’s pizza place (yum!).

This unique bench made out of bats and bases is at Lou Malnati’s pizza place (yum!).



Bats with the names of former Cubs players (the restaurant is a Chicago favorite)Ernie Banks: Let’s eat two pizzas!Ernie Banks: Let’s eat two pizzas!

The Wizard of Ahhhhs!

Nature’s stunning show during my walk this morning

Nature’s stunning show during my walk this morning back in my Houston surroundings

There’s no place like home. No tapping of the Nikes needed!

From Brrrrr to Ahhhh!

Although it’s getting a bit warmer in Chicago, it’s still too brisk for me.

Chicago is too brisk for me.

Today I’m flying home after a wonderful visit in Chicago with my beloved relatives and a couple friends. I’ll return from being a temporary Midwesterner once again and resume extending the Texan part of my life (hopefully, for a loooong time).

I’m looking forward to the milder temps.

I’m looking forward to the milder temps.

Just consider me gone (back) to Texas!

My Half & Half Anniversary

Gosh, I hate the cold!

Gosh, I hate the cold!

Thirty years ago tomorrow, I made a momentous decision: I left Chicago, where I had celebrated my 30th birthday in mid-August, and followed a guy to San Antonio. Like pioneers in the 1800s, I put a “gone to Texas” sign on my apartment door (well, not really, since I didn’t know my Texas history back then), and off I went on a wing and a prayer.

Much better!

Much better!

After spending about a year in San Antonio, I moved to Houston, as did the guy. It was there on August 25, 1988, that my life changed for the better: I met the Mister on the Rice University bike track as I trained for a duathlon (run-bike-run). The rest, as they say, is history. I traded icy, cold winters for ridiculously hot and humid summers. But I also found a warm and welcoming home.

Ironically, today I’m in Chicago, my old stomping grounds, visiting my mom and freezing my butt off. Karma perhaps?

Brothers and besties

Brothers and besties

Looking at all that I’ve gained over the last 30 years—the Mister and our sons, as well as my wonderful in-laws and lots of cherished friends—I’d say I have a lot to celebrate tomorrow.

On Sunday, I will be more of a Texan than a Midwesterner. As much as I adore Chicago and Illinois and always will, my true loves live in the Lone Star state.

And so will I, probably for the rest of my life. I’m truly and wholly thankful!

Tenacious Defense

The receiver catches the pass despite Travis’ efforts.

The receiver catches the pass despite (the faceless) Travis’ defensive efforts.

One thing I love about high school football is how dedicated the players are. Especially the undersized guys.

This series of photos highlights an epic battle between the taller receiver and the smaller defensive back. I snapped them during the boys’ former high school’s homecoming game last Saturday, a fine 39-41 victory over our rival.

As you can see in the top pic, our scrappy defender, Travis K., can’t quite stop the receiver from catching the ball despite his perfect position.

Don’t let go!

Don’t let go!

As the receiver turned and tried to head up field, Travis was bound and determined to stop him.

Juggling act

Juggling act

Travis’ hands on the football caused it to pop out of the receiver’s arms.


What goes up, must come down.

The result? An incomplete pass! And that helps win football games!!

One-Word Wednesday

The sun sets behind the trees last Monday evening.

Sunset begins last Monday evening.


The odd cloud formations intrigued me.

The odd cloud patterns intrigued me; this was snapped an hour later.

Purple and pink rock the clouds.

Purple and pink rock the clouds within a mere 10 minutes.