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Throwback Thursday

Young and innocent!

Young and innocent!

I recently found this photo of myself from back in the good, old days. Specifically, October of 1976.

I was a year removed from the University of Illinois, working at my third newspaper job, the “Suburban Trib” (the “Chicago Tribune’s” multi-weekly suburban supplements). I was a sportswriter who, of course, specialized in girls’ sports. In fact, back then I covered all of them in all the Chicago-area suburbs, north, south, and west (east, of course, is Lake Michigan). By the time I left in 1981, my clip drawers were overflowing.

See the typewriter behind me? I banged out a bunch of copy on it . . . in triplicate. We didn’t get computers until almost the end of my tenure. I was (and still am) a fast typist whose fingers could keep up with my thoughts. But I sure wish we had the ability to copy and paste back then! Writing life would’ve been so much easier.

I must admit that I don’t remember that day 37 years ago when staff photographer Carl Wagner snapped my photo. But I do recall that he was cute . . . and that I really liked that sweater!