Winner Winner Turkey Dinner!

Lots of people ahead of me, even a turkey!

Lots of people ahead of me, even a turkey!

A funny thing happened to me on Thanksgiving: I won a trophy at the Sugar Land Turkey Trot. For running!

Yep, pokey, old me! I haven’t hit the podium at a road race in years. And even that was rare, because I was pokey, young me back then.

Here’s proof!

Here’s proof!

I’ve participated in our local five-miler a handful of times, with my best showing in 1997 (45:34). But even though I’ve slowed a lot, something important happened on August 15: I turned 60, which put me in a new age group.

Plus it helped that all the really fast 60-64 gals decided to run at a turkey trot in Houston. I gave thanks for that.

Pretty cool!

Pretty cool!

As I lined up for last Thursday’s race with about 800 others, my mantra was: “Not fast, not last.” I managed to keep a steady albeit slow pace until I crossed the finish line with a pathetic 57:20 chip time. Then I grabbed a few treats, chatted up a couple friends, and headed for home so that the Mister and I could head to the movie theater and see “The Book Thief” (powerful; bring lots of Kleenex).

At no time did it occur to me that I should stay for the awards presentation. Race director and long-time friend Andy Stewart has never come close to calling my name before at any of his events, whether for a trophy or a door prize. Why would I think this year would be any different?

A cute trophy topper

A cute trophy topper

But I forgot about that new age group. The first-place finisher trounced me by about 11 minutes (ouch!). But I bested third place by about eight minutes. Talk about your degrees of separation!

Wonder if I should look for a trophy case. 😉


2 responses to “Winner Winner Turkey Dinner!

  1. Congrats Aunt Susan!!!

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