Lazy Boys

Jake is in the dining room watching a Jimmy Fallon video.

Jake in the dining room; note his brother on the right side of the MBP screen.

We don’t have a huge house. It’s about 2,500 square feet, a nice-sized (for us) one-story.

But, apparently, it’s much too big for my sons. Last Sunday when I was sitting in the family room near my baby boy, I could hear him talking to someone on his MacBook Air.

“Who are you Skyping?”

He laughed. He was actually Skyping his brother, who was in the dining room! We do tend to text each other in the house, but Skyping? How lazy can you get!

Side-by-side Skyping is noisy!

Side-by-side Skyping is noisy!

The answer? Even lazier! Soon my older son walked into the family room toting his MacBook Pro and sat on the couch next to his little bro. Where they continued to Skype one another.


2 responses to “Lazy Boys

  1. boys!! so funny!

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