Bye Bye, Pi Pi

It looks almost new.

It looks almost new.

Today is the end of a short era for me: I’m getting a new car!

My 2009 Honda Pilot, which is my company vehicle, is at the end of its lease. The Mister said I could keep it or lease a new car. Even though the Pilot was my dream car (yes, I know . . . kinda lame), and I truly loved it, I’m ready for something that gets better gas mileage and has Bluetooth phone controls.

So I’m driving into the Big City (well outside my 10-mile comfort radius) to trade in the Pilot. Wonder what I’ll return in? Any guesses?

I’ll let you know in Monday’s blog post.


2 responses to “Bye Bye, Pi Pi

  1. I know! I know! 😉

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