Take Two

Remember this photo?

Remember this?

After I had snapped two photos on New Year’s Eve of my sons holding their parts of a 2014 sign and smiling (do you believe in miracles?!?), C.J., my younger son, asked to see what they looked like in my Nikon D700’s LCD.

Once done comparing them, he told me I could use the second pic, which is the one I posted in yesterday’s blog. Mission accomplished . . . or so I naively thought.

But when he saw the photo posted to Facebook, he was a little upset.

“That’s not the one you were supposed to use,” he said.

I guess I’ll add “mind-reading” to the list of skills I need to accomplish in 2014.

Does this look better?

Do you like this one better?

So I went back and processed the first photo (aka the one he supposedly rejected). I think he and his older brother look cute in both pics. But as long as the kid is happy, it works for me (unhappy boy = lousy pix).

Once again, Happy New Year!


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