Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Geoffrey Rush and Sophie Nélisse made “The Book Thief” come alive.

Geoffrey Rush and Sophie Nélisse made “The Book Thief” come alive.

As regular readers know, the Mister and I see a lot of movies. In fact, on our first date we watched “A Fish Called Wanda” (and loved it). In 2013, we sat in the comfy AMC Theater or Santikos Palladium seats 37 times. It would’ve been a few more, but the Mister has had a horrible, hacking cough for a couple weeks (scores of early-morning movie patrons are thanking us for staying away).

That means I can’t add “American Hustle,” “Saving Mr. Banks,” “Frozen,” “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” or “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” to this list, all of which we plan to see this month. So keep that in mind when you consider whether or not you agree with my best and worst movie picks for 2013.

Virtual envelope, please!

My favorite flick last year? “The Book Thief.” I’m sure it was a tough task bring such an amazing, emotion-drenched novel (by Markus Zusak; read it!) to the big screen. The cast was outstanding. Foolishly, I only had one Kleenex with me; it was sopping wet well before the credits rolled.

Judi Dench always is good.

Judi Dench always is good.

Runners-up for my personal best movie were “Philomena,” “42,” “Monsters University” (I still love animated films), “Captain Phillips,” and “The Impossible.”

Loved the ending!

Loved the ending!

Films that surprised me in a good way? “Now You See Me,” “We’re the Millers,” “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” (better than the first one of the trilogy), and “Escape Plan” (yes, despite the non-acting abilities of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger).

Now for the negative side of my selections. Fortunately, I liked most of the movies we saw. It seems like there was some redeeming value in the majority of them. Wish I could say that for the two that scraped the bottom of the barrel.

Boring with a rotten ending

Boring with a rotten ending

The runner-up was “All Is Lost,” a very apt title. Didn’t see it? Don’t! Robert Redford is the only actor, which should be enough . . . but it wasn’t. And I hate endings where you have to figure out what really happened. That’s such a cop-out.

And now . . . drum roll, please! . . . my pick for the worst move I saw in 2013:

Just so awful!

Just so awful!

It’s “The World’s End,” which is what I was wishing for halfway through the film. It made “The Expendables 2” almost worthwhile!

Well, not really.

Here’s hoping the Mister and I see many more good movies than bad this year. I’ve read that “The Expendables 3” is scheduled to debut on my birthday. That’s one present I do not want!


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