PIG-ging Out

Jake gets air!

Jake gets air!

Nothing goes together more than boys and anything they can throw. It doesn’t even have to be made specifically for tossing . . . my guys have had just as much fun passing a cap back and forth as a ball or a disc.

Still, when there is a ball involved, you can bet there will be a contest of some sort. While Jake and C.J. were home last weekend, they used a small, soft (thank goodness!) basketball and an empty wastebasket in our family room to play their version of H-O-R-S-E. For some reason, they called it P-I-G.

C.J. shoots from the couch.

C.J. shoots from the couch.

As it turned out, only having to score three baskets was a great idea, because it took soooo long for them to do it! It didn’t help that they were trying the most-impossible shots in the world.

Jake gets air again . . . and misses.

Jake gets air again . . . and misses.

Like this one jumping over the supersofa. The ridiculousness continued to reach new heights (pun intended!), as my competitive cuties figured out different ways to miss hitting the wastebasket . . . again and again and again.

First, C.J. makes contact.

First, C.J. makes contact.

Naturally, C.J. just had to show off the move that drives us all crazy: He knocks into us as we’re just being innocent bystanders and pretends to shoot an invisible basketball towards an equally nonexistent basket, shouting out, “And one!” I always call a charge on him, but he pays me no mind (what else is new?).

This time he actually had a ball and a “hoop,” so the “and one” play was attempted.

And now he shoots.

And now he sends the ball on its way.

And missed (so no free throw). Just like dozens of other shots he and his older brother attempted.

Finally, after including a play that involved running into the nearby game room, bouncing the ball off poor, unsuspecting Chase’s head, and then running back and shooting, C.J. got the “G” and the victory. Even though it seemed to take forever, both boys definitely had a blast.

I’m not sure that PIG-ging out has ever been so much fun!

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