Daily Archives: February 24, 2014

You Should Be Dancing

One of Jake’s favorite machines

One of Jake’s favorite game machines

For a day that started out with some pain for Jake, last Friday ended up being memorable.

Our older son drove in from UTSA Thursday night, because he had his final appointment with the dentist who has worked on his expensive implant for several months. Soon Jake will have a permanent crown in the space where his pulled tooth is missing (its root had fractured) and won’t look like a goober anymore (well, when he isn’t wearing his temporary flipper).

I’ll kind of miss that gap-toothed smile, which always made me laugh, but I’m sure that he won’t.

Jake was planning to stay overnight at Chase’s Houston apartment, because they, along with Josh, were going to drive to College Station the next day to play Dungeons & Dragons with friends. I wanted us to see “The Lego Movie” (all four of us loved it!), so we picked up Chase and drove to the nearby Edwards Theater.

Picking out a song

Picking out a song

The boys were glad we were early, because there’s a Dance Dance Revolution machine at the theater. Both of them enjoy getting their exercise and showing off their moves with this particular money-waster.

Follow the arrows!

Follow the lighted arrows!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching these two besties having fun together. The action was fast and furious, but both seemed up to the task.

Jake plans to move into Chase’s apartment after they both graduate in May.

Catching their breath

Catching their breath

I have a feeling this DDR machine will see a lot of their respective sneakers and sandals in the future!