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20 Fun Facts About Me

We loved collecting S&H Green Stamps.

We loved collecting S&H Green Stamps.

Here’s a list of some things that you may not know about me (which you’re just dying to know, right?):

1) I learned to play the piano when I was seven or eight years old (my oldest sister and I took lessons). I taught myself to play guitar (my first one was “bought” with S&H Green Stamps; anyone remember those?) when I was about 12 or 13 years old. As an adult, I learned to play the banjo and the flute (because they seemed cool). Now I’m learning to play the ukulele.

2) My favorite day is every other Friday, the day after our cleaning crew comes.

3) My second-favorite day is the other Friday.

4) I’m obsessed with the Appalachian Trail. I’ve read numerous books about it. One day I’d like to see a part of it, but that’s all. Too much nature scares me.

5) I had LASIK in 1996. Before that I had worn glasses and/or contacts since the third grade. Now I wear (separate) ones for reading and night driving.

6) I love to chew bubble gum when I’m at my iMac . . . but never in public (I’m way too loud). My goal for 2014 was to quit chewing gum. That lasted, oh, about two days.

7) I still consider myself a midwesterner, even after 30 years of living in Texas. But I do love my adopted state.

8) I still love Barney, Thomas, the Power Rangers, Pokémon, and Yugioh. And I always will! I proudly sleep on a Power Rangers pillowcase and with a Pokémon blanket.

9) I don’t smoke, drink, or take illegal drugs. Those are definitely not my style.

Love you, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Love you, yeah, yeah, yeah!

10) My favorite musical group of all time is the Beatles. “Eight Days of Week” is my all-time favorite song of theirs.

11) I hate tea, both hot and iced. Yuck! I tried coffee once when I was 10 years old. I didn’t like it and have never had it again. I prefer cold water and an occasional Diet Coke (caffeine-free is best).

12) If I had been younger when I got married (I was 36), I would’ve liked to have had one or two more boys.

13) Yep, I’m definitely a boy mom. And I was meant to be a mom. Nothing I’ve done in life has made me happier or more fulfilled.

14) My favorite songs to sing to my boys when they were young were “I Will” and “Over the Rainbow.”

15) I can’t work (Photoshop, write, surf the net) while listening to music. Like most women, I can multitask well, though. Just not at the iMac.

16) I’m directionally challenged. Seven out of 10 times I’ll turn the wrong way. I would always just do the opposite except for those pesky three times.

I designed the logo.

I designed the logo, cover, and entire magazine.

17) I’ve been running since 1978, always slowly (I’m an eternal back-of-the-packer). I’ve completed about 400 races, most of them while I was publishing a monthly running magazine called “Human-Powered Sports” for four or five years. I did everything on it from writing to editing to photography to desktop publishing. What separated it from its competition were race reviews, which sometimes didn’t sit well with potential advertisers and race directors. Talk about biting the hand that feeds! It was, though, a great use of my University of Illinois journalism degree.

18) I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was about 16 years old. I have books filled with poems and short stories from my high school days. My biggest work back then? A parody of “The Canterbury Tales” featuring other classmates. Weird? Yep! And, yes, I still have it in my personal archives.

19) I actually was paid to write about beanie babies during the height of the craze. It helped pay for the ones we collected (that was so much fun!).

20) The reason I got interested in photography is because it was my dad’s hobby, and I wanted to be just like him. I usually think about him every time I pick up one of my Nikon dSLRs (he loved Nikons, too). Miss you, Dad!