Bottle Football

The kick is up . . . .

The kick is up . . . .

As has been well-documented many times in this blog, the guys in my house will throw or kick anything. Especially if there’s a potential breakage possibility.

Sidebar: C.J. once said to me, “Why do you have frames out when you know I’m just going to break them?” Sigh!

Last weekend the Mister finished off a one-liter bottle of Diet Coke and decided to have some fun with it. So, naturally, he placed it on the carpet and kicked it.

Walking sticks apparently make good goal posts.

Walking sticks apparently make good goalposts; the bottle goes wide left.

His somewhat-willing field-goal target? Our younger son, who was standing in our entryway near the front door holding up makeshift uprights.

Of course, I had them stop the action so I could grab my Nikon dSLR. This was too good not to document.

First, the Mister got in his attempts, which were at times woeful. But occasionally he was able to boost the bottle over C.J.’s head (when he wasn’t hitting him or the surrounding walls with it).

Rearing back for a mighty blow

Rearing back for a mighty blow

Then C.J. took over. And he got to see how difficult it was to kick a plastic bottle field goal within the narrow confines of the front hallway.

Three points!

Three points!

But eventually he was able to split the uprights and put points on our invisible scoreboard. After that, the father-son field goal-kicking team kept trading spots until they tired of the sport.

This was fun!

This was fun!

I’m happy to report that no photo frames were harmed while the bottle was bouncing all over the family room.

This time.

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