The Aftermath

Wonder how nice and neat this will look in 10 days.

Wonder how nice and neat this will look in 10 days.

As much as I realize that I don’t deserve a pity party, I can’t help but sit here typing with my pathetic party hat perched on top of my head.

Several days after surgery to fuse my arthritic left thumb joint and fix my mild carpal tunnel syndrome, I’m still in pain. My left hand and fingers are swollen (I’m waiting for my doctor’s nurse to get back to me to see if something needs to be done), and the part of my palm that I can see is turning purple. I’m hoping I won’t become Barney the dinosaur-esque any time soon.

Plus it’s really a drag to be one-armed when I usually use my left hand a lot. Yes, I know plenty of people have it so much worse, but that really doesn’t help matters right now. Pity parties don’t invite pragmatism.

Worst of all? I can’t exercise until I see Dr. Hildreth on May 28, because he says sweating can lead to infection. I long for the chance to clear my head and fast walk around the neighborhood, even for a mere mile. I am not a happy camper!

All of this has me counting down the days until I get this bulky wrap off and move to a removable brace, hopefully in 10 days. I can’t wait for May 28!

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