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My name is Susan Sternberg, and I’m a married, disorganized, mom of two handsome sons. I have a cluttered mind and live in a somewhat chaotic world deep in the heart of Texas (but I’m still a Chicagoan at heart). I used to post random snippets (as in musings and observations) and apertures (as in photos) on this site.

I keep busy with my photography habit, running, walking, and anything that helps me avoid housework and cooking.

If you feel so moved, please comment on what I’ve written. I appreciate feedback! And if you notice that a photo isn’t showing up, try refreshing the page. If it’s still not there, please let me know, so I can fix the problem. Thanks!

29 responses to “About Me

  1. You sure are a wealth of info….Do you know anything about tempur-pedic beds?…after 25 years of sleeping on a waterbed we are looking to go wild and get a new bed!!!!
    Loved that you have visited the Crabb River Road Buc-ee’s. This AM I devoured a delicious chai teaa latte and a ham & cheese kolache!!Yummy…Keep us all the cool work on your blog.

    • I need to learn about Tempur-pedic beds, because we need a new bed! Let me know what you find out.

      Hope you get a discount at Buc-ee’s!

  2. Found your blog via the “Save The Media” blog. Looks very interesting.

  3. Hey Girl, the early girls “late babes” look fabulous! Your green thumb is shining through! Did you read in the Fort Bend Lifestyles and Homes magazine that Wild West World has a Farmer’s Market every Sunday from noon to 4 pm? They’re located on FM 359 in Richmond or go to http://www.localharvest.org for more information.

    • I’ll have to check it out; thanks for the link! Our last flag football game is Sunday; then I’ll have my Sunday afternoon life back!

  4. Susan: Christine told me that you are a writer too. I submitted an article to a local magazine and they liked it but I’d like to find an editor to help me with it before I submit a final version. Can you help me with this? Mark Meeker

  5. I was trying to find how to contact you to thank you for sending Betsy the link to athletesconnection and found your blog. You take lovely photos and it was wonderful talking to you today.

  6. I was searching for info on the best lenses for my nikon d300 and came across your blog. I really enjoyed reading your entries! Thanks for the great info and for sharing photos! I have two boys also – and am beginning to take senior photos plus sports shots. I am still debating on the 50mm. I have and LOVE the 70-200/2.8. I want to take great pics of children – and that’s the lens that is I am looking for – the best possible one…

    Thanks again for your wit, humor and insight!

    Christy from Kansas City

    • Christy, thanks for your kind words! I do love the 50mm lens. Inexpensive and great for low-light photography. Let me know if you decide to get it.

  7. Loved reading about #1 son who just happens to be one of my #1 students! Thanks for sharing your world with me! Let’s get together!

    • Cindi: Thanks for being one of #1’s top supporters! You were a big influence in his life as his third-grade teacher (along with Michelle). I’m ready to go to lunch when you are!

  8. Hi Susan, I just love your blog. It is so you! Enjoy your summer with your two boys. Sometime you’ll have to give me your perspective on the teenager of the species. Wish we lived closer!

  9. I was looking through disc golf photos and stumbled on your gallery. I just wanted to say you have a beautiful family and you captured some great moments in time. I’m glad I happened by you photos, it made my day

  10. Hana Burwinkle

    My name is Hana and I do public education and outreach about stormwater runoff for our local citizens. I would like to talk to you about using your photo of the rain dizzling from your gutter for a new campaign called ‘beyond the roof’. Please contact me.

    Hana Burwinkle, Birmingham AL

  11. Susan, you won the online cooking classes. Please email me directly so tat I can let Heather Nauta know.

  12. Hello from New York 🙂

  13. Susan….highly fortuitous and wonderful to run into you at Clayton’s bball game last Saturday. Made me realize just how much I’ve missed you. And it was nice to catch up before we had The Office Organizational Meeting (caps to show it’s Huge Importance, perhaps to no one but us). Look forward to THIS Saturday where you, me and Julie will really be the ones decorating for Senior Serve. I mean, really…we know it.

    • I can’t believe how long it’s been since we had a chance to chat . . . and now we’ve done it back to back! I’m looking forward to Saturday; have to agree with you about who really will be decorating. But it will be so much fun that night being served by our three knuckleheads!

  14. Susan, I need to get ahold of you ASAP about one of the photos you took of Davy Whippet last year at the Houston Quadruped (March 18, 2013). Thanks!!!
    Rob McLeod

  15. Where are you, Susan Sternberg? I googled Hanukkah candles day 3 and stumbled onto your blog! Fabulous, and very warm- this is my first year celebrating Hanukkah and I’d love to see a fresh post from you!

    • Hi, Joe! Sorry to say, but I ended my blog back in June. It was my way of documenting our lives for my sons (mostly). Now that one has graduated college and the other is a college sophomore, they’re not home enough to give me enough material. I am posting Chanukah photos on Facebook now, if you want to be Facebook friends so you can see them. Happy Chanukah and thanks for your kind words.

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