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Chilly Appreciation



See what my iPhone 5S’ weather app showed this morning?



Compare that to what it really looked like outside. Although it did rain last night and early this morning, I didn’t see any snowflakes at our house. Plus it had stopped even drizzling by the time I took the weather app screenshot.

When it’s cold and windy, as it is right now (30 degrees but feels like 17 degrees), I always think we might as well have some snow to remind us that it truly is winter. It makes for such a great photo op!


No thanks!

But then I’m reminded that I experienced enough snow and frigid temperatures during my 30 years in the Chicago area to last a lifetime.

Right now I’m appreciative of our “milder” Houston winter, with or without snow!

Grateful for Normalcy

The early-morning sun warms the water. (All photos snapped with my iPhone 4S.)

It’s easy to feel gratitude when you’re out walking or running, especially early in the morning.

This double reflection looks like I used a sepia filter (but I didn’t).

Something about being ambulatory among the birds and flowers gives you that “glad I’m alive!” feeling. Only the possible threat of calls to the police stops old off-key me from joining in with the songs I’m listening to on my iPod Shuffle (that and the fact that I would need an oxygen tank as I lumber along).

What a beautiful rose!

While I was jogging through an eight-miler last Saturday, my heart was filled with gladness. My precious younger son made it through all four days of high school! He finished homework every night and didn’t complain at all when I dropped him off every morning and when I picked him up each afternoon.

This morning he returned for his second week, again without a whimper. Could anyone feel more grateful than I do right now?

People aren’t the only ones who love roses.

Maybe so!

Gratitude Is the Best Attitude

This is my view of David through my Nikon 105mm lens.

Please excuse my “Oprah moment.” I’ve just decided that I need to make a better attempt to be grateful for everything good in my world and show my appreciation more.

A trio of orange leaves hangs from one of David's branches.

That was really hard to do in 2011 when our family was turned upside down by my younger son’s inability to attend his high school. With 2012 still shiny and new and my boy back in school (cue the sigh of relief), I think it’s best for me to start the year in a more positive mode. Thus the emphasis on gratitude.

I’ve decided to write down each day’s gratitude in a datebook I use in the kitchen. Assuming I don’t fall back into my usual forgetful ways, it’ll be nice to look back at the end of the year and remember what made me feel grateful each day.

David’s red leaves are my favorites.

This is what I’ve written down so far: Monday I was grateful that my younger son didn’t get mad at me all day. Tuesday I showed gratitude that he somewhat-willingly went back to his high school and stayed all day. The wonderfully mild temperatures (high of 70 degrees!) were my pick for Wednesday.

And yesterday? As you might be able to tell from the photos, I was grateful for the beauty of colorful leaves on David, our backyard Bradford pear tree.

Cleanup on aisle five!

I’m also grateful that we have a yard crew that will rake up all those lovely leaves from our lawn!