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No Sick Days for Moms


My swinging #1 son

All of you moms out there understand this one, basic truth of our lives: Moms can’t be sick. Sure, we can try to rest while the kids are in school, but once they come home, they need us. They might not like us all the time, sad to say, but they do need us a lot of the time.

Especially when we’d rather be flat on our backs watching Oprah or any other mindless TV show.


The #2 son ponders . . . but what?

I’m fortunate that my two sons at ages 17 and 14 are fairly self-sufficient when it comes to eating. The older one doesn’t mind driving himself and his brother to McDonald’s or Subway, if necessary.

So where do they especially need me? The computer.

Yesterday I was down for the count with some kind of stomach distress that started the night before. I could barely sit up for a minute at a time. So, naturally, both boys had papers for me to print out. Our standard operating procedure is for them to type everything on their iMac and then e-mail it to my iMac to be printed out. I had to institute this process, because of the #1 son’s tendencies to, shall we say, go off the deep end at times on papers and write inappropriately for high school.

This time #1 was having trouble with hanging indents in Word and trying to fit a set of song lyrics on one piece of paper using a typesize that was readable. It took me about an hour to do what I normally would’ve breezed through in a matter of minutes. I just couldn’t sit up long enough to finish the tasks quickly.

Meanwhile, the #2 son was doing research on Missouri for World Geography. I was able to instruct him on how to e-mail me the website he wanted printed out (so much easier if it’s a link; on a Mac you use command-shift-i to do that) from the couch. Fortunately, by about 11 p.m. I was feeling well enough to sit at the computer for longer periods of time, sweating a puddle of what I guess was the fever I had. That meant I could look through my 65 e-mails and easily satisfy the #2 son’s tech needs once again.

Glad to say I’m feeling much better today and will be ready to meet my sons’ needs when they walk through the door after school. But I sure wouldn’t mind if they’re not too demanding!

Sick Bay


Veggies from my summer garden . . . photo taken months ago.

Here’s hoping I feel better tomorrow!

Gimme Fever

The freshmen start Friday's 2K cross-country race.

The freshmen start Friday's 2K cross-country race.

I know that I’m several hours later with this blog post, but, really, I have a good excuse. I present the photo above as the note from my doctor.

Tyler early in the 2K race

Tyler early in the 2K race

See this handsome lad above? That’s Tyler, another freshman on the #2 son’s cross-country team. Long after the 2K race ended, his mom Jennifer Facebooked (yes, it’s a verb!) Saturday that he woke up with a 102-degree fever. Oh, oh! Every parent knows how fever and the flu tend to spread like wildfire through teams and schools. And you can bet your bottom dollar (whatever that is) that there were plenty of germinators on the other teams at the meet and in our school infecting our athletes.

The #2 son keeps up early in the race.

The #2 son keeps up early in the race.

I felt #2’s forehead Saturday morning; it was cool. Off #2 and the Mister went to play in a disc golf tournament. I repeated the feel-the-forehead exercise Saturday night when they returned and Sunday morning. No cause for alarm. Meanwhile, poor Tyler still was feverish and poised for a Monday morning doctor appointment.

Then at 3 p.m. Sunday, #2’s forehead felt a little warm. He laid down for several hours. When he got up . . . 101-degree fever. Oh, oh! We did the Tylenol dance the rest of the day: The medicine would knock the fever back down for several hours, but it would rise again when it wore off.

With #2 still feeling a little too warm, we went to see Dr. Dave this morning to test for flu and strep. His nurse practitioner Kami gave us the good news: Negative for both (Jennifer reported that Tyler also tested negative). Just a normal, everyday, garden-variety fever. #2 already is feeling better with hopes (by me!) of returning to school tomorrow. Oh, and Reid, another freshmen on the team, was sick today, too!

And so that’s why I’m posting late. Well, that and stopping for lunch and getting up to refresh #2’s water bottle and meet his every need as Nurse Mom!

Now I’m just hoping the rest of us stay healthy!

Never-Ending Illness and Text Disabled

Mind if I join you?

Mind if I join you?

Once again, I’m looking out for your best interests! Instead of continuing to merely milk my never-ending lung infection by using my Sick Day sign, I have a new photo that neatly fits in my It Doesn’t Take Much to Amuse Me category. I snapped it yesterday with my iPhone at our local Half-Price Books store. I think “Old & Interesting” is a good description of me! Can I wedge in there between a couple of books?

Blackberry Curve

Blackberry Curve

See this smartphone? It’s the Blackberry Curve, the same phone I urged the Mister to buy.

Sidebar: Because the Mister’s cellphone plan at work is Sprint, he couldn’t get an iPhone. And, really, is the man cool enough to own the same smartphone as me? Think about it.

So, of course, he bought the Curve. I wanted him to be able to check his e-mail away from his office and, most important, to be able to text. To say the man is text-disabled is like calling Yao Ming tall. He visibly starts sweating and quaking as he eyes the phone’s keys, reluctant to even start typing. He even has others text for him, especially the #2 son. So I figured the Curve’s keyboard would be easier for him than that of his old flip phone.

Yeah, right. Why didn’t I just ask the man to learn Italian in a week? That might be easier for him!


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the Mister and the #2 son are in Kansas City, Missouri, for the Disc Golf World Championships.

Sidebar: After two rounds, #2 is tied for tenth out of 25 players in the age 16 and under division.

The Mister was supposed to let me know how #2 was doing during both rounds yesterday. I know that there’s not supposed to be a lot of noise on the course while play is going on. Disc golfers can be like regular ball golfers in being sensitive to cell phones ringing when they’re about to putt. But how noisy is it to text if your phone is on vibrate? Or even if it isn’t?

Do you want to know how many times the Mister texted me during 36 holes of disc golf, knowing I was anxiously awaiting any morsel of news? Any crumb of information?

Do you really have to ask? A big, fat zero.

Yeah, we had a little talk about that last night over the phone. I told him at the very least all he has to do is type “b” for birdie, “p” for par, and “bo” for bogey. How hard is that for someone who has fingers and/or thumbs that work? He agreed to do that.

And you know what? He just texted me and used more than one letter! He even typed several words at once!!

Sigh! I’m so proud of him.

Continued Illness and My Son’s Heartbreak

Black-eyed Susans or just lazy Susans?

Black-eyed Susans or just lazy Susans?

I figured I’d spare everyone the eye rolling that a rerun of the Sick Day sign in yesterday’s blog might invoke. You can thank me later.

The trip to my allergist yielded a diagnosis of bronchitis and the hope that the Z-Pak and lots of Chipotle’s veggie bowls will make me feel better as soon as possible. The Z-Pak really has loosened up my cough to the point that I’m that horribly, obnoxious person, you know, the one you hate to hear sitting in a movie theatre or on a plane. But I am breathing easier, and I’m hopeful that I’ve finally kicked the fever to the curb.

The #1 son in happy times . . . before the wedding in Seattle

The #1 son in happy times . . . before the wedding in Seattle

I’m also trying to deal with the emotional carnage wrought by my #1 son’s hopefully former online girlfriend, the one we visited in Pensacola after he earned straight A’s for his entire high school junior year. The short version? She cheated on him before and after that short “vacation” with a local boy and finally admitted it to him Sunday.

Sunday. When I was in the throes of my illness, wracked with fever, and with the Mister and little brother gone to Kansas City, Missouri, for the disc golf world championships. I couldn’t even hug him for fear of making him sick. Not a great time to earn any mother of the year points, that’s for sure.

I feel sad for my son and his first heartbreak, even as I realize that this is what’s best for him. This long-distance relationship was doomed to failure, and I had hoped both of them would see its futility by the start of school.

But that doesn’t make dealing with its aftermath any easier. What 17-year-old boy wants to talk about matters of the heart with his mother? He’s hiding his true feelings, but I know he’s hurting inside. I keep reminding myself that time heals all wounds, and I know he’ll be stronger for the experience.

But, again, that doesn’t make the situation any easier. For either of us.

Nothing to Read Here That’s New . . . Sorry!


Sorry, loyal reader(s); I’m hanging out the Sick Day sign today. I’ve been battling a fever for a couple days, and I feel pretty crummy. I’m due to see the allergist this afternoon, hopefully to get a Z-Pak (Azithromycin). Whenever I have a bad cold, the end result always is a lung infection. Only a Z-Pak kicks it out and lets me breathe easy again.

Let’s hope I’m ready to sit at the computer tomorrow, able to blog more than 81 words!