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Air-Filled Delight

One of our neighborhood’s decorations

One of our neighbor’s decorations

This is probably the closest we’ll get to snow in the Houston area, which is fine by me. Cute and not too cold!

A Brief History Lesson

Nice mural!

Nicely done

On our way home to Houston after visiting our older son in San Antonio last Sunday, the Mister and I stopped in Seguin for awhile. We wanted to watch the second half of the Houston Texans-Kansas City game (new quarterback Case Keenum is a University of Houston grad, just like the Mister), and the Garmin indicated that a sports bar and grill was close to I-10.

After we were done yelling at the nice, flat-screen TV (it’s hard not to get worked up when it comes to our poor Texans, even in public . . . hope we don’t see any of those people again!), we walked around to the Honda Odyssey and saw the above mural painted on a building’s wall.

Very informative

Very informative

We figured that Seguin probably was pretty historic, seeing how it’s named for Juan Seguin, a prominent player in Texas’ drive for independence from Mexico. His remains are buried in the town.

But we were surprised to learn that the very street where we had parked our minivan once was a stagecoach route. I could just imagine the dust, dirt, passengers, and horses. As well as an Indian or two.

It seemed almost apropos that we watched a battle between the Texans and the Chiefs right there!

One-Word Wednesday

I notified the school’s principal about the error, and now the marquee is correct. No need to ask “y!”

I notified the school’s principal about the error, and now the marquee is correct. No need to ask “y!”


Proofreader Needed STAT!

Who’s celebrating?

Thanks for the heads-up!

When I saw this marquee as I jogged on a walking path across from a local elementary school, I immediately crossed the street and had to snap a photo with my iPhone 5S. Well, after I stopped laughing.

Now, I realize this is Texas and all, but really . . . “bulling?” Is that a rodeo term? Plus it’s a week-long event! Who knew?

Did the person who put up the letters just forget to insert a “y” to make it “bullying?” Or is this a sad example of our Lone Star edukashun system? Sure hope it’s the former and not the latter!

Random Updates

The kid rocks the shower cap!

The kid rocked the shower cap!

Here are several updates about things I’ve mentioned or photos that have been in recent posts:

First, my younger son’s outpatient surgery last Friday was successful. Plus it was the less serious of two possibilities. He has to limit his activity for a week or two, but he should be fine in time for college move-in on August 24.

Remember this tampered sign?

Remember this tampered sign?

The road sign leading into my master-planned community that made us giggle every time we saw it finally has been replaced. We thought it might become a landmark.



Now it’s just plain boring.

Keep away!

Keep away!

When I wrote that punny post about the disc golf birdies and the bees, I wondered why the buzzers were so attracted to this spot.

Honey anyone?

Honey anyone?

We found out the next time the Southwest Handicap Mini stopped at the Aquatic Center course. Someone had taken the lid off, exposing what the bees had been building. Intriguing yet still nothing I want to get close to.

The restroom choices at the restaurant. Yes, I had to think about which door to choose.

The restroom choices at the restaurant. Yes, I had to think about which door to choose.

Finally, Team Beowulf went down in flames at the Houston Trivia city finals at Little Woodrow’s last Saturday. The four of us plus Josh put up a valiant effort, but we didn’t advance to state. It didn’t help that not only did we have the youngest team members by far, but I fell ill during the first half and missed three questions when I was in the restroom where I was trying to keep from fainting twice (I think the culprit was dehydration after my morning run).

It’s all for the best, though, because now we can move the kid into his dorm a day earlier, which works better for his roommate’s family. Here’s hoping he’s able to lift boxes by then!

Sweet Juxtaposition

The Halloween candy looks odd next to a brochure for financing dental bills.

I snapped this photo with my iPhone 5 earlier this week at our dentist’s office. I guess this is the best way to drum up more business!

Super Susan!

Wish the body went with my face!

Seeing “Chronicle” made me ponder that all-important question:

What super power(s) do I wish I had?

I know that some people want the ability to fly or read minds or even be invisible. But not me.

I do yearn to be able to teleport to places hither and yon instantly. It would be great to just snap my fingers and be in Chicago visiting my mom instead of having to deal with motion sickness on a plane.

I love being part of the Justice League with my animated husband, the Flash.

But, really, the super power I’ve always wanted is the ability to never have to use a public bathroom (ugh!) as I’m out and about (except for Buc-ee’s, of course). Even after having several glasses of diet Coke (and nothing goes through you like diet Coke!).

Now that would be a wonder for this woman!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Colorful Car Wash

The windshield gets sudsy.

Know what’s fun to do as you sit in your car during an automated wash?

Brushing off those suds on the windshield.

Take photos with your iPhone 4S!

Now it’s time for multi-colored suds.

My Honda Pilot has needed a good bath for months now. With a Groupon for a local car wash about to expire, it seemed like a great time to finally own a clean vehicle.

Are green suds really cleansing?

As I was snapping away, one thing became crystal clear (well, besides my windshield eventually):

Amoeba suds!

The car wash is a colorful experience! There are no dull, lifeless moments.

Is that the grungy light at the end of the tunnel?

Except as you near the end. But before you know it . . . .

That’s better!

All is merry and bright once again!


What were they thinking?

Do you really need the dictionary to give you the meaning of “irony?” I think this photo I snapped with my iPhone 4S last weekend does a better job!

It also gave me my laugh for the day. Merry Monday!

Typo Tyme

Kroger apparently hires workers . . . and then sells them!

Following in the footsteps of former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, I have a confession to make: I hate grammatical and punctuation errors and typos. Especially my own!

Sidebar: I wish I had a buck for every time I see “its” (the possessive) misused as “it’s” (the “it is” contraction) and vice versa on signs, flyers, and even, sadly, in newspapers. Yes, “Houston Chronicle,” I’m talking about you!

Take the above signs that I snapped at my local Kroger grocery store. I’m surprised they’re in focus; I was laughing so hard when I saw someone had written “crewfish” instead of “crawfish.” Made me think that “crewfish” were the rookie employees! Apparently, Kroger sells them and hires more to sell!

Does “inconvience” sound like “inconvenience?”

Here’s a typo that I see too often—people just can’t spell “inconvenience” correctly. Is it an inconvenience to use a dictionary? I use the WordWeb app on my iPhone when I’m spelling challenged!

Ever heard of a dictionary?

Once again, the dictionary or the WordWeb app should be the sign maker’s friend. By the way, the 88-cent special on Coney dogs is today, and my sons will be taking full advantage! They love James Coney Island (it can’t compare to Chicago hot dogs, but I’m kinda prejudiced).

Let’s just put commas everywhere!

Improper comma use runs rampant in the Houston area! When I was snapping this photo, the guy in the van said, “We added the comma (between about and carpet), because we added more services.”

Go ahead and throw in more services . . . but put the comma in the correct spot after the word carpet!

Speaking of the curly punctuation mark that should give one pause, this was a comment posted on a forum about the movie “Source Code”:

“. . . because he was severely mutilated and in a comma.”

Really? There are commas in comas? Sounds like it’s typo tyme!