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Oh, Baby! Random Super Bowl Snippets & Apertures

Super Bowl XLIV

Oh, baby, that was an enjoyable Super Bowl XLIV game last night! And I’m not just saying that because the team I was rooting for, the New Orleans Saints, won. I’m a fan of well-played, exciting football games, which the 31-17 Saints’ victory over the Indianapolis Colts was. And any team gutsy enough to start the second half with an onside kick deserves to win!

The Colts defense makes a Jeremy Shockey sandwich.

Our family’s Super Bowl experience was divided into two parts. We pulled on our social pants and spent the first half at a party at our disc golf friends Jessica and Eric’s house. Good food and good gambling via pool squares (we managed to squander only a buck). We left at halftime, because their cats’ dander set off my asthma’s wheeze-maker, and I could hardly breathe.

The Saints’ Lance Moore breaks the goal-line plane with a two-point conversion pass.

Once back home, I settled into my favorite chair, armed with my Nikon D700 and 50mm lens. With the boys playing a card game at my feet and the Mister on the couch, what better place could I find to document the game off our HDTV? Much less crowded than being on the sidelines, drooling over those 600mm lenses!

Terry Porter runs a game-changing interception towards the end zone to score for the Saints.

Of course, as wonderful as the football game turned out to be, everyone knows that it’s the Super Bowl ads that usually have fans talking the next day. I wasn’t impressed with too many of them. I could’ve done without all the sexism ( and Motorola), telling guys to man up (Dodge, Flo TV), and lots of undies (Career Builder, Dockers).

Cute in-house plug

But I did like CBS’ shameless plug for “How I Met Your Mother,” featuring Lothario Barney. As well as Google’s Parisian Love, Hyundai’s Brett Favre still playing in 2020, and Bud Light’s takeoff on “Lost.”

Toys come alive for the Kia Sorento

I guess I’m just a kid at heart—I really laughed at the toys coming alive in Kia’s joy ride ad.

Gotta love a sock puppet!

Especially the sock puppet!

President Chicken gets bad news.

Denny’s squawking chickens (they’ll need to lay more eggs due to free Grand Slam breakfasts) were cute.

Love that E-Trade baby!

I’m always a sucker for babies. Whether they’re in ads . . . .

MVP Drew Brees holds his baby boy Baylen after the game.

Or being carried by their proud MVP dads . . . .

Tristin Lee isn't into the Super Bowl.

Or resting on their dad at a Super Bowl party . . . .

The #1 son

Or who are remembered fondly when they were a baby . . . .

The #2 son

Or who always will be my baby.

Was there an ad for a memory booster? I’ve totally lost my train of thought!

Rooting On the Houston Texans

Reliant Stadium, home of our Houston Texans

Last Sunday we decided to have a small, intimate, family outing . . . along with, oh, 71,000 other noisy people. We traveled to the “big city” (aka, Houston) to root on our Houston Texans in their NFL season finale. The opponent? The always-tough New England Patriots.

Sidebar: Our family’s company has had season tickets since the Texans were born back in 2002 out of the ashes of the Houston Oilers, who were ripped from our fine city by a greedy owner. The last time we attended a Texans game as a family was in that inaugural season. The #2 son, a mere seven years old, hated the noise, and he and I spent most of the game on the mezzanine level watching the game on one of the overhead televisions. Since then, the Mister has taken one of the boys to a game each year (we usually only have two tickets, and others often claim them), while I’ve stayed home with the other one. But this time we had four tickets, and, hopefully, a great game to see!

It's never too cold for my shorts-loving guys!

The temperature was in the 40s when we got to the game, so I was extremely hopeful that the retractable roof would be closed. Mercifully, it was.

Down in front!

We have terrific seats—they’re 15 rows up and on the 35-yard line. But that means that sometimes the TV cameraperson is blocking our view.

New England’s Tom Brady hands off.

This was a key game for the Texans. A victory meant both their first winning season (a 9-7 record) and a chance to advance to the playoffs (which they didn’t, unfortunately). I checked the stadium’s rules for cameras and learned that lenses longer than 12 inches weren’t allowed. Even my beloved Nikon 70-200mm lens is shorter than that! However, I opted for Nikon’s 105mm and 50mm lenses—no chance to be hassled at the gate with those two pups.

The Texans’ Glover Quin and Brian Cushing make a crushing tackle!

I used the 105 in the first half, and it proved to be pretty capable (albeit not as great as those 600mm lenses the sideline photogs use; not as expensive either). It was great for stopping the action on this fine defensive play.

Head over heels!

And its aftermath!

Down in front II!

But it was frustrating having to shoot around and between the people who insisted on standing in front of me.

Down in front III

I wish I could’ve tied them to their seats! I also wish I could invent a crane system that would lift people out of their seats and deposit them on the mezzanine level, so they’d stop going back and forth in front of us (we always have to stand to let people get to the stairs). That would be a boon to stadium society!

Everything’s bigger in Texas!

The 105 also came in handy to document what life is like for the fans. Like with the food and drink vendors, who sport these huge buttons. Don’t need the reading glasses for these!

A sweet treat

A sweet treat

And especially the cotton candy vendor. The #1 son really honed in on him.

The #1 son enjoys his cotton candy.

#1 is a fervent cotton candy fan. When we would attend Houston Astros games when he was younger, the sweet treat would keep him quiet and happy for, oh, a good inning or two. He has more staying power these days, thank goodness, but he still enjoys that colorful tangle of sugar.

Looking funny coming and going!

I enjoyed seeing the fans who go all out for our team. It takes true devotion to completely paint your face in team colors, as well as wear some ugly face on the back of your head!

The #2 son likes to take photos, too.

Of course, what the outing was all about was having a memorable moment with my sons. We had fun being together and yelling for our home team.

And it sure didn’t hurt that the Texans won 34-27! We’re psyched for next season!!