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Tenacious Defense

The receiver catches the pass despite Travis’ efforts.

The receiver catches the pass despite (the faceless) Travis’ defensive efforts.

One thing I love about high school football is how dedicated the players are. Especially the undersized guys.

This series of photos highlights an epic battle between the taller receiver and the smaller defensive back. I snapped them during the boys’ former high school’s homecoming game last Saturday, a fine 39-41 victory over our rival.

As you can see in the top pic, our scrappy defender, Travis K., can’t quite stop the receiver from catching the ball despite his perfect position.

Don’t let go!

Don’t let go!

As the receiver turned and tried to head up field, Travis was bound and determined to stop him.

Juggling act

Juggling act

Travis’ hands on the football caused it to pop out of the receiver’s arms.


What goes up, must come down.

The result? An incomplete pass! And that helps win football games!!

Friday Night Lights Begin A Day Early

Quarterback Seun hands off to Vic.

Quarterback Seun hands off to running back Vic.

Even though it’s not quite September, high school football season started last night in Texas.

My sons’ former school began its campaign towards another district title and playoff berth against a smaller yet talented nondistrict rival. Although my kids have graduated, I still support our mighty, mighty Bulldogs . . . both with my cheers and my Nikon equipment.

Cheering after a touchdown

Cheering after a touchdown

There was a spirited crowd for the opener. Expectations are high for another great season.

The school band and Angels dance team always are entertaining.

The school band and Angels dance team always are entertaining.

Of course, the band and Angels started out strong with new uniforms and a terrific routine. In the past, they’ve often been the best part of the action . . . especially during an awful, two-year stretch when the football team won very few games.

A great goal-line stand, thanks to Michael (21) and Vic (23).

A great goal-line stand, thanks to Michael (21) and William (22)

But despite many highlights on offense and defense, our opponents took advantage of two interceptions run back for touchdowns and an amazing running game. Our Bulldogs finished up on the short end of a 38-21 score.

Fortunately, this game doesn’t count in the standings. I’m looking forward to lots of district wins, and, hopefully, lots of better photos of outstanding plays in the weeks to come.

Goooooo, Bulldogs!

One-Word Wednesday

There was a gorgeous sunset last night after our weekly Southwest Handicap Mini at Tom Bass Park.

The sunset was gorgeous last night at Tom Bass Park.


Blue moon!

Blue moon!