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Monster Mash

Looks harmless, right?

Looks harmless, right?

When I walked into my home office on Halloween morning, the above is what I saw on the top window. At first, I figured it was a leaf or some dirt kicked up by the heavy rains pelting Houston at that time.

But then I stared at the distinctive, pointy, bottom part. Oh oh . . . definitely looks like an unfortunately familiar tail.

Total ugh!

But it’s not! (That’s its slime around it, by the way.)

So I put my Nikon 105mm macro lens on my Nikon D700 and closed in on the blob (I had to use flash to overcome the strong backlighting).

Those spines are poisonous.

Those spines are poisonous (snapped outside the house on the window).

Yep, just as I suspected, it was an awful asp, one of the most-toxic caterpillars in North America. As you may recall, we had about a half-dozen of the deceptively warm, furry, micro mustaches crawling on our light-colored house a year ago.

This time I’ve only seen Angus (yes, I named him for some reason), and he’s far from our front door, thank goodness. But still, even just one asp definitely is a trick, not a treat!

Nature’s Disparity

Hi, cutie!

Hi, cutie!

Last week our front yard was a study of contrasts.

Hanging on to the butterfly plant

Love this side view

Near the front door perched delicately on our butterfly plant was a little dragonfly. It was nice enough to stay still and pose for me.

Juxtaposing that beauty?



This ugly cicada exoskeleton, which was hanging on a nearby rose bush.

At least I didn’t have to worry about it moving while I was snapping its pic!

Peekaboo Putting

Marcus hopes for a par.

Marcus hopes for a par.

Timing is everything in life . . . and photography.

Take disc golf, for example. Mistime when you snap your shutter, and you can distract the player or entirely miss having the disc in the photo, making for either a miffed person or an uninteresting picture.

I’ve been taking disc golf pix for almost six years, so usually my timing is pretty good. I usually end up with a calm player and a decent action photo.


Yes, that IS Patrick sending his disc towards the basket.

Yes, that IS Patrick sending his disc towards the basket.

For some reason—heat, humidity, slow reflexes, weak talent—when I was shooting our weekly Southwest Handicap Mini last Tuesday, I caught several players with their throwing hands obscuring their faces. I could understand this happening if any of these guys were shy or avoided photo ops.

Sidebar: When I posted the above photo on Facebook, the mini’s fearless leader, Eric, commented that Patrick was showing off the rarely used Riverdance putt. Makes me laugh every time I look at the picture.

Casey’s disc heads for the chains.

Casey’s disc heads for the chains.

But even Casey finally has accepted my presence on the course, even complaining that because I wasn’t at a certain basket, he missed a putt (could the Nikon D700 have magical powers?). So I have to chalk it up to the dreaded “oops, I blew it” excuse. After all, everyone would rather see faces than hands.

Adam putts it in.

Adam told me to shoot from this angle; glad he didn’t miss!

Even when those handsome faces are somewhat obscured by chains!