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PWCs: How to Make Softball Lemonade

Brittany smashes the ball.

Parents With Cameras, I haven’t forgotten you! There’s a new post up under the Photo Friday for PWCs tab. Check it out!

PWCs: Showing Off

Relay runners turn for home.

Today’s advice for parents with cameras? Good photographers don’t show off their out-of-focus pics.

PWCs: Make Fences Disappear

A blurred fence doesn't make for a compelling photo.

Is this how your baseball or softball photos of your kids typically look? Read today’s advice for parents with cameras and learn how to make fences disappear.

PWCs: Learn How to Get Air

My #2 son and his opponent are airborne in the 800 meters.

Today’s Photo Friday for Parents With Cameras post teaches how to show action while freezing it at a track meet. Check it out!

TGIF for PWCs!

Michael prepares to vault over the bar.

Focal point tend to wander when you’re shooting high jump or pole vault? Go manual! Check out today’s Photo Friday for PWCs advice.

Staying Steady

Got a long lens? Get a monopod!

Today’s Photo Friday for PWCs post includes tips that can add to your youth sports photography success. Check it out and shoot steady!

Need Photo Advice Online?

My #2 son twists in the air during the triple jump.

Get ready to click on some helpful links after you read today’s Photo Friday for Parents With Cameras.