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One-Word Wednesday

This unique bench made out of bats and bases was at Lou Malnati’s pizza place (yum!).

This unique bench made out of bats and bases is at Lou Malnati’s pizza place (yum!).



Bats with the names of former Cubs players (the restaurant is a Chicago favorite)Ernie Banks: Let’s eat two pizzas!Ernie Banks: Let’s eat two pizzas!

Catching Up

pink panther

It seems like Mondays are best used to catch up from the weekend. Today’s get ’er dones include laundry and grocery shopping, boring but necessary. I’ve already gone through Sunday’s newspaper and cut out coupons, putting the newspaper in the recycling bin. And I feel satisfied that over the weekend I Photoshopped the last of my middle school basketball photos, uploaded them to Smugmug, let the parents know they’re on the site, backed up my latest photos to DVDs, and cleared off my memory cards. But I’m still working on the receipts for the tax accountant; I hope to get that finished today.

“Pink Panther 2” review

Here’s my quickie review of the “Pink Panther 2,” which we saw yesterday: Rentable. There was too much slapstick in the movie for my taste. Of course, we went to the early-morning $5 showing in which we spend more money on concessions than on the tickets (I think that’s part of the theatres’ master plan) . . . what could be better than popcorn and mega cinnamon pretzels for breakfast? The boys loved the silliness; the Mister and I thought parts were silly, just not enough parts. We both figured out the perpetrator right away. I did enjoy seeing Alfred Molina in a tutu (he’s a good sport), and I laughed at the inside joke about the name of Andy Garcia’s character: It’s Inspector Vicenzo Brancaleone, which sounds very much like Vincent Corleone, Garcia’s name in the “Godfather III,” one of his breakout movie roles.

 The best part of the movie for me were the scenes of Paris, which reminded me of my pal Sherry, whose family has been living there for about a year and a half. 


Firsts for #2

My #2 son enjoyed several firsts over the weekend: He earned his first win in a disc golf tournament’s rec division (he beat 12 adults!), the Mister took him for his first visit to Hooters (he was disappointed by his waitress’ looks), and he ate his first Pizookie at BJ’s restaurant (the king of desserts, according to our disc golf friend ERic). He loved the chocolate chip Pizookie but is most proud of his division win. As are his parents!