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Throwback Thursday

Kindergarten graduation: Tyler and the kid

Kindergarten graduation: Tyler and the kid

Looks like this is a sentimental week for me.

Together at the kid's sixth birthday party

Together at the kid’s sixth birthday party

I guess that’s what happens when you’re on the verge of being an empty-nester. You can’t help but remember the good, old days.

For some reason they used the bathtub as their clubhouse.

For some reason they used the bathtub as their clubhouse.

Especially when old friends stop by. This week it was Tyler, who came over to sell us fundraising cards for our high school’s football team (he’s a senior linebacker).

Possibly the cutest youth football players ever!

Possibly the cutest football players ever!

Tyler and my younger son were inseparable in elementary school. They met in kindergarten, were in the same second-grade class, and played youth football together for four years (Tyler’s dad was the coach). They really clicked as best buddies.

However, they went their separate ways when Tyler switched to private schools for several years.

Sidebar: Tyler’s mom, Diane, and I also instantly clicked as friends. When the boys were young, we vowed that even if their friendship didn’t stand the test of time, that ours would. And it has!

All growed up!

All growed up!

When Tyler walked into our house, he went straight into reminiscing mode. It was fun to listen to him and my son remember the good times and talk about what they’re looking forward to in the future.

Hopefully, that includes keeping in touch with each other! Hope you have a great season, Tyler!!