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One-Word Wednesday


Jake snaps a photo of himself, Josh, Chase, and C.J. at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. The boys (plus Ben and Brandon) went on a buddy trip to San Antonio and Schlitterbahn last weekend.

Jake snaps a photo of himself, Josh, Chase, and C.J. before going in to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. The boys (plus Ben and Brandon) went on a buddy trip to San Antonio and Schlitterbahn last weekend.


Pool Football

Jared begins a new round.

Jared begins a new round.

Float flipping wasn’t the only new sport introduced to our family’s swimming pool last Sunday. Say hello to pool football!

It starts with one boy out of the water tossing a football high in the air to two awaiting opponents. The object?

The brothers battle.

The brothers battle.

Grab the football first. This, of course, involves a lot of jumping and bumping. Boys gotta be boys.

Big bro wins this time.

Big bro wins this time.

But eventually someone is victorious. After each round (usually a best-of-five catches), the thrower rotates in, and another game starts.

Got it!

My younger son holds on tight to gain a point on Jared.

There were plenty of thrills and spills during the lively contests. Sometimes you never knew who was going to end up with the ball.

Will Jared hang on?

Will Jared hang on?

Plus it wasn’t enough just to get your hands on the slippery object. The guys had to make sure to show they hit the water with the football still in hand.

Got it!

Jared is triumphant.

Pay dirt!

Float Flip

He ain’t heavy; he’s my brother.

He ain’t heavy; he’s my brother.

Yesterday my sons found a new way to have fun in our backyard swimming pool, as well as make me laugh.

It involved my strong baby boy lifting his lighter, older brother on the Sting Ray float and turning him around in circles.

What goes up . . . .

What goes up . . . .

But that wasn’t what amused me.

Oh oh!

Oh oh!

This did! After little bro tired, he would flip the float, as I snapped away chuckling.

Man overboard . . . or is that under float?

Man overboard . . . or is that under float?

It seemed to happen in slow motion, which made it look even funnier.

Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo?

The best part? The reaction by my “concerned” younger son.


Wet Dunks

My younger son is ready to air dunk!

My younger son is ready to air dunk!

The Summer Games have begun in our backyard pool. Usually that means that danger is the number one ingredient, because these made-up sports always involve males. I’ve told my two sons and their friends to be careful, avoid the pool edges, and please don’t get blood in the pool. So far, so good.

This summer my younger son and his pal Jared have been hanging out in the pool. Recently they made up a new game to quell the boredom: Pool dunking.

We have a poor man’s pool basketball goal that floats. So the kid and Jared decided it would be fun to take a running start with a small basketball and try to dunk it in the ever-moving, inflatable hoop before landing in the water.

This gives new meaning to the term “jump shot!”

Gotta love the wink!

Gotta love the wink!

Jared opted to go for style points on this dunk.

Hovering in the air

Hovering in the air

Looks like a certain two-pointer.

Note where the ball is

Note where the ball is

Score . . . and splashdown!

Looks like a perfect take-off.

Looks like a perfect takeoff.

The kid decided to go for power.

Closing in

Closing in

Did he mistime his leap?

Stretching it out

Stretching it out

Not at all! It was a splashy two points.

I guess when you’re too short to dunk on a regulation 10-foot dry basketball hoop, the little version in the pool is a great way to boost your ego. Plus it wasn’t dangerous . . . for a change. My blood pressure appreciated that!

Buddy Trip

My older son is ready to synchronize watches with Chase.

Summer is winding down now. The dog days definitely are barking.

Both boys have had a great time this summer hanging out with my older son’s friends. The college kids enjoy gaming (online and Nintendo) and late-night iHop runs. I’m sure they’ve been solving the world’s problems as they munch their pancakes . . . or at least which characters are best in Mario Party.

Chase is ready to go.

While they still have a week or two before leaving for their respective colleges (and my younger son starts his high school senior year), the guys decided they needed to take to the road. Specifically, a trip to Schlitterbahn, one of the best water parks in the U.S.

So today they’re having fun in New Braunfels and staying overnight in San Antonio. Tomorrow they’ll check out the sights in my #1 son’s college town and then return home.

The youngest traveler rocks the best beard.

Hopefully, these eight lovable knuckleheads (which include my “third son,” Chase, my older son’s now-former college roommate Ben, and Josh) will have a ton of fun without making many bad decisions. I’m thrilled that my two guys get to experience a buddy trip, which is a rite of passage.

But I’m even more pleased that the Mister and I won’t be subjected to the crowds, garish tattoos, and too-small swimsuits (well, I don’t think the Mister minds that last part at all) that are the hallmarks of Schlitterbahn. I plan to enjoy the peace, quiet, Olympics . . . and air conditioning . . . while the boys are away.

More Pool Antics

My #2 son helps his big bubba get on Chase’s shoulders.

Just when I thought my sons couldn’t scare up anything new to do in our backyard swimming pool, they pulled another water-logged rabbit out of the proverbial hat.

First, they came up with the potential heart attack-inducing (for mom) leap by my older son over his little bubba and my third “son,” Chase. Without so much as a running start. All I can say is that my collegian definitely has hops.


Then they decided to stack the deck pool and form a totem pole. As my younger son might say, “They’re not heavy, they’re my brothers!” I’m not sure if he’s having as much fun as they are, though.

What goes up . . .

While the kid stayed as the anchor, the college duo tried switching places. Even though Chase weighs the least, this made for an unsteady totem pole.

. . . must come down!

But it seemed like falling in the water was almost as much fun as rising to the top.

A watery high five

Yes, there’s nothing like fun in the pool during the summer . . . for the boys. I’m nervously anticipating more death-defying acts in the months ahead.

One-Word Wednesday

My older son leaps from the deck over Chase and little bubba into our pool.


Over and ready for a wet landing!

Flippin’ Fun

My older son prepares to climb on his brother’s shoulders.

In case you’ve wondered whether or not my sons have stopped trying to give me a heart attack this summer, check out these latest photos of their pool escapades.

#1 starts his front flip.

The good news? The boys decided to stop flipping off the spa. The bad news? Now they’re doing flips off each other.

In mid-air

Actually, only my #1 son is doing the acrobatics, because he’s lighter.

Crash landing in the water

It took a lot of coordination and timing to accomplish the flips. So many of the attempts were flops!

Ready for the backflip?

Starting the backflip

Preparing to flip over

Upside down!

The #1 son has landed!

What in the world will they think up next?!?

Medical update

My ENT finally called with the results of my needle biopsy. All is well! Here’s hoping that pesky lymph node behaves.

Man Overboard

My older son and “third son” Chase try to tip over my younger son.

It looks like I might get a lot of photo mileage out of our new pool float. As you may recall, I wrote about how this innocuous, round inflatable became an element of danger for my sons.

Now it’s Chase’s turn to try to stay on the float.

When they’re not busy standing on it and trying not to get knocked off by the big beach ball, they do their best to dump off the person who is lying on it.

Chase overboard!

As my sons demonstrate above!

Can my #2 son stay afloat?

When I envisioned the boys having hours of fun with the float, I thought it would be with them on the inflatable. Not trying to tip someone off it. Boys!

The strong #2 son flips over the other two.

I will admit that sometimes the way they fall off the float into the water is funny.

All that’s left to see are feet! (This photo cracks me up!)

Which definitely makes that photo mileage enjoyable!

Allergy update

It turns out that my younger son is allergic to lanolin, which is in all the products we had been advised to use to help his eczema all these years, and some fragrance additives. No wonder his medicine made him so itchy!

Boys and the Dangerous Y Chromosome

My younger son demonstrates how to safely ride on a float in our pool.

This is the savvy mom’s definition of a boy: Able to make something that should be harmless and fun into something that is totally dangerous albeit fun . . . for the male.

Let me demonstrate photographically how the Y chromosome means not only an inability to pick up things off the floor but also a penchant towards peril. Starring the usual suspects plus our disc golf buddy Glen.

Chase takes his stand as my older son is ready to throw the big beach ball at him.

When my younger son asked us to buy a new, round float for our swimming pool, I envisioned the fun he, his older brother, and my “third son” Chase would have. How much they would enjoy lying, sitting, or kneeling on it as they traversed the blue waters. Sure, they might squabble over whose turn it was to placidly use the float, but all three know how to share by now.

#2 son takes aim at #1.

How long have I been a mom to sons? Have I forgotten over the last 19 years that “harm” is the key part of “harmless?”

The big beach ball is about to collide with #1.

Almost immediately upon inflating the float and throwing it into the pool, one son proceeded to stand on it while the other tried to knock him off with our huge beach ball. Meanwhile, the Mister and I watched in horror as the son on the inflatable drifted near the edge of the pool or the waterfall’s rocks with the ball about to hit him and possibly knock him backwards. Then they would switch places and continue this madness over and over again.

This has been their favorite game so far this summer. “No blood in the pool!” has become my mantra.

My older son’s throw is on its way towards Glen.

That dangerous Y doesn’t end at adulthood, by the way. Glen, who is like a big kid, had to get in on the whack-a-guy-off-the-float action when he and his family visited recently.

Thar he goes (much to the #2 son’s delight)!

I have to admit that Glen’s fall into the pool was pretty funny.


Fortunately, he was nowhere near the pool edge or rocks.

I had hoped that with my sons getting older that I wouldn’t have to watch them constantly when they’re in the pool, but I still find myself pulling up a chair and making sure they stay near the middle of the water.

Thank you, Y chromosome, for reality-slapping me in the face once again!