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More Pool Antics

My #2 son helps his big bubba get on Chase’s shoulders.

Just when I thought my sons couldn’t scare up anything new to do in our backyard swimming pool, they pulled another water-logged rabbit out of the proverbial hat.

First, they came up with the potential heart attack-inducing (for mom) leap by my older son over his little bubba and my third “son,” Chase. Without so much as a running start. All I can say is that my collegian definitely has hops.


Then they decided to stack the deck pool and form a totem pole. As my younger son might say, “They’re not heavy, they’re my brothers!” I’m not sure if he’s having as much fun as they are, though.

What goes up . . .

While the kid stayed as the anchor, the college duo tried switching places. Even though Chase weighs the least, this made for an unsteady totem pole.

. . . must come down!

But it seemed like falling in the water was almost as much fun as rising to the top.

A watery high five

Yes, there’s nothing like fun in the pool during the summer . . . for the boys. I’m nervously anticipating more death-defying acts in the months ahead.

One-Word Wednesday

My older son leaps from the deck over Chase and little bubba into our pool.


Over and ready for a wet landing!

A Better Angle

My older son in mid-air as he flips into our swimming pool.

I thought I had gotten a pretty good photo of my #1 son flipping off the spa into our swimming pool, considering I was using my Nikon 105mm lens instead of something that would’ve given me a wider view.

And then I saw the shot my younger son took with the Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 point and shoot camera.

Gotta love that wide view afforded by the Olympus!

Wow! The kid put my superior equipment to shame, thanks to the better angle from in the pool. This is a great pic!

Younger shows older the photo.

Looks like his brother thinks so, too!

Underwater Photography

My younger son snaps a photo of his brother . . . underwater.

When my #2 son asked to use my Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 in our swimming pool, I did two things: First, I handed over the waterproof point and shoot. Then I grabbed my Nikon digital SLR and followed him outside.

The watery result (taken by the Olympus and #2)

Using the Olympus underwater is a great way for my sons to remember the fun they’ve had in the pool this summer. And, for a change, it wasn’t dangerous!

Gotta check that LCD to make sure he got the shot.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed mimicking my younger son but in a more dry fashion, of course. I especially like the dreamy quality of the photos of him submerged. They could be something an impressionist would’ve painted.

Time to come up for air!

Want to change up how your photos look? Just add water!

Flippin’ Fun

My older son prepares to climb on his brother’s shoulders.

In case you’ve wondered whether or not my sons have stopped trying to give me a heart attack this summer, check out these latest photos of their pool escapades.

#1 starts his front flip.

The good news? The boys decided to stop flipping off the spa. The bad news? Now they’re doing flips off each other.

In mid-air

Actually, only my #1 son is doing the acrobatics, because he’s lighter.

Crash landing in the water

It took a lot of coordination and timing to accomplish the flips. So many of the attempts were flops!

Ready for the backflip?

Starting the backflip

Preparing to flip over

Upside down!

The #1 son has landed!

What in the world will they think up next?!?

Medical update

My ENT finally called with the results of my needle biopsy. All is well! Here’s hoping that pesky lymph node behaves.

More Pool Danger

My older son hovers over the float he’s about to jump on.

In their apparently never-ending quest to make mom nervous, my sons (including my “third son,” Chase) continue to create new ways to make harmless pool toys hazardous.

Keeping it steady.

The theme of the summer of 2011? Pool Danger. Why is the “Theme From a ‘Summer Place'” (the Lettermen’s version) playing in my head?

Backbend time!

How naive I was to think that my sons would actually use the colorful float that we bought for its intended purpose: Lazing away on the cooling water.

The slow descent into the water

Oh, I figured they might fight over who got to lie on it. The diplomacy of taking turns is a lost art when it comes to teenage boys.

Chase struggles to keep his balance.

But, silly me, I didn’t think they’d actually try to surf on the inflatable. Especially when falling off means they could hit their heads on hard surfaces and horribly injure themselves.

No one falls into the water quite like Chase!

I guess being in the pool is risky business. Whatever happened to actually swimming?

Splash landing!

Looks like they get their swimming in when they fall off the float!

Chase watches his bro start to spin off the float.

Of course, my older son decided to take the old surf-the-float trick up a notch.

Rolling in the air

He figured he would add even more excitement to it by jumping off and doing a roll in the air.

What goes up must come down.

Yet another way to make the innocuous pool toy dangerous?!?

Big splash!

I think I need to look into waterproof helmets!

Man Overboard

My older son and “third son” Chase try to tip over my younger son.

It looks like I might get a lot of photo mileage out of our new pool float. As you may recall, I wrote about how this innocuous, round inflatable became an element of danger for my sons.

Now it’s Chase’s turn to try to stay on the float.

When they’re not busy standing on it and trying not to get knocked off by the big beach ball, they do their best to dump off the person who is lying on it.

Chase overboard!

As my sons demonstrate above!

Can my #2 son stay afloat?

When I envisioned the boys having hours of fun with the float, I thought it would be with them on the inflatable. Not trying to tip someone off it. Boys!

The strong #2 son flips over the other two.

I will admit that sometimes the way they fall off the float into the water is funny.

All that’s left to see are feet! (This photo cracks me up!)

Which definitely makes that photo mileage enjoyable!

Allergy update

It turns out that my younger son is allergic to lanolin, which is in all the products we had been advised to use to help his eczema all these years, and some fragrance additives. No wonder his medicine made him so itchy!