Focus, Focus, Focus!

Relay runners turn for home.

Today’s advice for parents with cameras is such a basic rule of photographic thumb that it applies to all kinds of photos, not just youth action pix. Yet I see it broken in Facebook galleries constantly, even by people who should know better.

It’s simple: If you want to be known as a good photographer, only post your best photos. Don’t show off your blurry pix. I never show anyone my bad photos, and believe me, I’ve taken my share (and have deleted them asap).

You might be thinking that an out-of-focus pic of a friend’s superstar is better than none of all. But parents would rather have a crisp, sharp shot of their kid. That blur could be anyone.

Ian (right) prepares to hand off the baton to Justin.

So remember to keep ’em in focus or keep ’em to yourself!

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