October Photos of the Day

October 1

A beautiful sunset (Nikon D300; Nikon 70-200mm lens)

As our high school’s homecoming football game started, my eye was distracted by the sun setting just past the stadium over the trees. Sunsets happen so fast—fuss with a setting, and you’ll totally miss your opportunity. I would’ve liked having the sun a little higher over the trees compositionwise, but I love the sunset’s fall colors. A harbinger perhaps?

October 2

My #2 son chases Nick. (Nikon D700; Nikon 70-200mm lens)

My younger son was having an average cross-country race in a Houston-area park. It was easy to tell by the look on his face that he was having no fun at all. But then the finish appeared, with it the end of three miles of grassy torture. Spying Nick, his fellow sophomore and teammate, my #2 son flipped the switch on his turbo gear and hunted down his prey. But Nick had the last laugh, besting #2 by a step at the finish line.

October 3

Cotton candy ready to be bought and consumed (iPhone 4)

Whenever I see cotton candy, I naturally think of my older son. He loves the sugary stuff. These bags were hanging at the concession area in the movie theater where we saw “The Social Network.” If my collegian had been with us, I’m sure we would’ve been buying a bag for him. Which, of course, made me miss him even more than I already do.

October 4

Ring my chimes! (Nikon D700; Nikon 70-200mm lens)

Tonight was Band Night for our entire school district, which meant that all 11 schools would be showcasing their bands at our local football stadium. Of course, my concern was my younger son’s high school band, because I promised to take photos of several of the kids for their moms. As usual, our band and dance team put on a great show, and I snapped so many pics that my right elbow hurt.

October 5

The Mister throws from the reeds. (Nikon D700; Nikon 105mm lens)

After 29 long weeks, the Southwest Handicap Mini disc golf series finally came to a close. Both the Mister and our younger son qualified for the finale at a course that winds around the house of Marcus, one of the regulars, and both did great. The Mister tied with Billy for fourth place, while the kid actually won the whole kit and caboodle! Although Eric, our wonderful series director, had the best raw score, with his handicap my #2 son, with the second-best showing, took top honors. Way to go, Cannon!

October 6

My #1 son shows me his great grade via text message. (iPhone 4)

Okay, I realize that this really is reaching for today’s POTD. But I have to admit that for the first time since January 1, I forgot to take a photo today. Just plain photo fail. So I’m tapping on my right arm and calling in my POTD reliever, my older son. It just so happens that he texted me a photo today of his grade on his Writing Composition essay. Way to go, #1 son! I saved the screenshot on my iPhone 4 and am calling it today’s POTD with a little help from my collegian.  Whew!

October 7

The society garlic is lonely. (Nikon D700; Nikon 105mm lens)

For some reason, my beloved front-yard dragonflies are drawn to this particular society garlic plant. It’s starting to bloom again with petite purple flowers, but it seems lonely, because the d-flies have disappeared. I sure hope that one day I see them clinging to the plant once again.

October 8

My #2 son finishes in front of his biggest fan. (Nikon D700; Nikon 70-200mm lens)

When I was looking at today’s high school cross-country photos on my iMac, I was pleased to see that I had this pic of my younger son finishing up the three-mile course with his father bokeh’d in the background. With a 3:45 p.m. starting time in Seabrook, which isn’t close to where he works in Houston, the Mister really had to hustle to make it to the meet in time to see our son run in the junior varsity division. He got there with mere minutes to spare.

Is there a better way of showing how much you love your son than by setting aside a heavy workload to fight traffic just to watch that kid run for 20 minutes? Especially when it means you’re wearing your dress shoes and socks with your shorts, because you only had one sneaker in your car?!?

October 9

My #2 son sleeps on the futon in the game room. (iPhone 4)

My younger son has been having trouble falling asleep lately due to his itchy eczema. With this being a carefree Saturday, I decided to let him sleep late. This photo was snapped at 10:51 a.m. He finally woke up just before noon.

October 10 (10/10/10)

Bird on a wire amid the fluffy clouds (iPhone 4)

I had pondered taking a special photo for today’s special date. But, alas and alack, this was the best I could do. I was drawn to the beautiful clouds amid the deep blue sky. The bird seemed to be enjoying the gorgeous day, too!

October 11

Winnie the Pooh gifts Rabbit with honey. (Nikon D300; Nikon 50mm lens)

When my slightly stressed-out #2 son came home after cross-country practice, he wanted to do one thing: Watch a couple Winnie the Pooh videos. So we checked out YouTube on my iMac and enjoyed “Winnie the Pooh, a Friend, In Deed” together. That sure brought back great memories for me of watching all those Pooh episodes on TV and tapes (remember VCRs?) with my two sons when they were little. I’m glad that my younger son doesn’t feel that he’s too old to share a video experience with his mom . . . especially since I still love Winnie the Pooh!

October 12

Zesty faux burger soup (Nikon D300; Nikon 50mm lens)

My friends know there’s one constant about me: I hate cooking. Especially anything with more than three ingredients. But while I’m content with whipping up salads (easy peasy!), the Mister and our #2 son prefer meat-filled meals. So when I saw this crockpot recipe for zesty burger soup, it looked easy enough even for a kitchen loser like me. Hey, even I can open cans! I did make two changes to the recipe, swapping Boca (soy) ground crumbles for the ground beef and vegeterian broth for the chicken-flavored one. I also didn’t add cheese.

The verdict? It tasted great! My guys had no idea that it was vegan. My younger son and I talked about some further changes, so I’m going to try the recipe again but with potatoes instead of the tomatoes and chiles (he hated the tomatoes) and with less broth so it’s not as soupy.

October 13

The results are conclusive. (Nikon D700; Nikon 50mm lens)

My younger son threw down the gauntlet: He told his dad that he could beat him in bowling. So off to the lanes we went. The result after two hard-fought games? The Mister is top dog . . . for now.

October 14

My #2 son prepares to fling a disc. (Nikon D300; Nikon 70-200mm lens)

With a couple disc golf tournaments on the horizon, my #2 son decided he needed to get in some practice. So out to the street he went to throw discs back and forth. And, of course, work up an appetite.

October 15

Rainbow time among the branches and leaves (Nikon D300; Nikon 70-200mm lens)

During a nature photo walk close to home, I spied the sun peeking through the branches of a pecan tree. Thinking it looked pretty cool, I snapped the pic. When I checked it out on my iMac later, I was surprised to see a multitude of colors around that sunspot. Nature and my lens played a colorful trick on me!

October 16

A cheery scarecrow greets autumn. (Nikon D700; Nikon 50mm lens)

When I see scarecrows and pumpkins in my neighborhood, I know it must be fall. Even though all the green trees surrounding us don’t mirror that fact.

October 17

Definitely fall! (Nikon D300; Nikon 70-200mm lens)

They’re few and far between here in the Houston area, but occasionally we will see a tree that just screams “It’s really fall!” among all the green that makes it seem like it’s still summer. Especially when the high temperature is in the mid-80s.

October 18

So much red looks out of place. (Olympus Stylus Tough 6000)

Looks like I have autumn on my mind! It’s rare to see a tree with vibrant red leaves on it in our Houston-area haven. So much so that I actually pulled into a parking lot and snapped a photo of it.

October 19

A pink sunrise stops me in my tracks. (Nikon D300; Nikon 70-200mm lens)

As I started down the street on my way to jogging a couple miles this morning, I stopped when I saw the pink clouds in the sky. Back to my house I scurried to grab a digital SLR and snap a photo. I love Texas sunrises!

October 20

Halloween is coming! (Nikon D700; Nikon 85mm lens)

Boo! Time to capture some ghostly images that have been popping up around my neighborhood. If the light emanating from your subject is overpowering, use exposure-compensation to dial it back -.03 or -.07. You’ll be glad that you did!

October 21

The breakfast of champions! (Nikon D700; Nikon 50mm lens)

I like to think of my photos of the day as slices of my life and a great way to remember 2010. Which means I need to document some of the more mundane things in our life, such as my younger son’s usual breakfast: Strawberry (only!) Toaster Strudel. Unlike the graphic you see on the box, I don’t neatly squiggle on the icing for my sleepy son; instead I glob it on and smooth it with a knife. Easy peasy! He gobbles down the pastries while watching Sports Center on ESPN.

October 22

Shine on! (Nikon D300; Nikon 70-200mm lens)

There’s been a beautiful full moon lately, and I was happy to capture this golden version after the younger son’s high school district cross-country meet ended.

October 23

Finally a win (we were the visitors)! (Nikon D700; Nikon 70-200mm lens)

Tonight was momentous for our poor high school football team, which had lost 19 straight contests. Not only did we win our first game of the season (with only one remaining), but we also beat a big rival school. It was a nailbiter until the end. But once the clock hit zero, everyone celebrated as if we had won the Super Bowl!

October 24

Only the wings remain . . . and the leaf. (Nikon D700; Nikon 70-200mm lens)

Thought I’d check on the spider and see if he was still snacking on that poor dragonfly. As you can see, all that’s left of the scene of death and destruction are a set of wings . . . and that darned leaf.

October 25

My #2 son checks information on our iPad. (Nikon D300; Nikon 50mm lens)

It warms my heart to see my younger son using our iPad. I keep it on the ottoman in our family room so it’s ready whenever someone needs to consume information. Which is what my #2 son was doing . . . along with a Capri Cooler.

October 26

Diddle diddle dumplin, my #2 son (Nikon D700; Nikon 50mm lens)

This is my younger son’s modus operandi when he sleeps: At some point during the nap or over night, he manages to slip off a sock. Always just one. He was on the couch here; usually I’ll find socks all around the bed where he sleeps. Why this bizarre behavior? The world may never know.

October 27

Tony Bennett croons “God Bless America.” (Nikon D700; Nikon 50mm lens)

I love the World Series. I’ve been watching or listening (remember transistor radios and day games?) to baseball’s fall classic for about 50 years now. As usual, I’m pulling for the National League to win (in this case, the San Francisco Giants; I’ll only root against the New York Mets, the Philadelphia Phillies, and the hated, hated St. Louis Cardinals). But I won’t mind if the Texas Rangers come out on top, because Nolan Ryan, who is a great Texan and pitched for our Houston Astros, owns the team.

With tonight’s opening game being in San Francisco, it was no surprise that Tony Bennett sang “God Bless America” during the seventh-inning stretch. But the shocker was that he sang acappella and sounded great! He also crooned “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,” his signature song, but Fox only showed part of it. Bummer!

October 28

Boo! People are watching!! (Nikon D700; Nikon 50mm lens)

When I was driving around my community looking for good Halloween decorations to shoot for tomorrow’s blog, I had two wishes: First, I wanted great subjects. And, second, I didn’t want any homeowners to see me snapping away, because that could be embarrassing.

“Do I need to call the cops, you serial photographer?” Anonymity really suits me best.

All was going well until I came upon this inflatable globe. I took a photo and wanted to snap a few more to try to get the pumpkin exposed properly via exposure compensation. But as bad luck would have it, I glanced at the house’s front door and could see a large guy hovering near it inside. Darn!

Best to skedaddle into the darkness.

October 29

My #1 son! (iPhone 4)

Seemed like old times tonight when we had dinner at Pei Wei, our Friday night tradition. Except that our older son was with us. And we were in San Antonio with him. It sure felt good to have our little family back together again, albeit for a short time.

October 30

My handsome guys (little brother is NOT so little)! (Nikon D700; Nikon 105mm lens)

With my older son being one of those kids who prefers staying in his dorm room, we decided we needed to get him outside into the fresh air when we visited him in San Antonio. And what better way to experience the great outdoors than with a round of disc golf? The Mister and our younger son were anxious to try some new courses, so off we went to McClain Park for them to play and me to snap away.

October 31

Toby is a hot dog! (Nikon D700; Nikon 50mm lens)

Our Halloween tradition is to sit in our cul-de-sac with our neighbors, eat a potluck dinner, and watch the dressed-up kids take candy from bowls we set out on a communal table. With temps in the 80s, it didn’t feel like the end of October (especially as we slapped at mosquitos), but we still had a good time. My #2 son appeared only long enough to grab a bowl of gumbo that my neighbor/gourmet cook Marcel had whipped up. Then he disappeared back inside the house. We had joined him by 9 p.m. to watch the World Series game and Sunday Night Football.

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