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Finally . . . “Lost!”


OMG! The day has finally arrived!! No, NOT Day #1 of Obama’s presidency . . . the penultimate season of “Lost” starts TONIGHT! The four of us will be glued to our TV tonight; hopefully, there will be more answers than questions.

I did well on yesterday’s get ’er dones, accomplishing everything except cleaning off the dining room table. Which now looks even worse because of #2’s dastardly National History Day project. Did I really think that the slideshow was going well?!? Was I delusional?!? Did I not know my #2 son and his penchant to procrastinate?!?

Let me put it this way . . . Señor Cortés wasn’t really looking good until almost 3 this morning; by that time, I was too bleary-eyed to notice how cute he looked in the tights he used to wear. #2 son stayed up until 1 a.m., leaving me to make sure the slideshow ran okay on another computer and to format and print out the paper part of the NHD entry (title page, process paper, and bibliography). It’s been awhile since I’ve produced a slideshow, so, of course, I forgot I had to save the PowerPoint as a package in order to view it on another computer (with the package, all the sound files are saved with the show). Once I remembered, it was easy enough to test it and burn it to a CD.

But now both the science and NHD projects are done, soon to be forgotten. I’ve told #2 that from now on his project deadline will be three full days before the actual deadline. Hopefully, we both won’t get sick before the next project is due! By the way, #2 had me dropping my jaw with this statement: “Part of this is your fault, because you didn’t bug me enough soon enough.” Yes, I checked the fine print on his birth certificate, and it does say that I have to love him no matter how crazy he drives me with these silly projects and the silly statements he makes that are caused by project stress.


Any “Biggest Loser” fans out there? We know it’s an unrealistic weight-loss show, but it’s just so addicting for us! #1 son pointed out that we always eat unhealthy meals when we watch the show (they had pizza delivered, while I had a delicious and fairly nutritious Amy’s single-serve roasted vegetable pizza, possibly the tastiest vegan pizza ever); methinks he loves the irony.

Anyway, what was up with Jillian’s team seeming to pull a fast one over on Bob’s team and voting to send sweet Damien home (causing a tie with Joelle; Damien had the lower percentage of weight loss)? Did they want to continue the dissension among Bob’s team or did they see Joelle as the weaker of the two? Time will tell!

And what about today’s get ’er dones? I’m too tired to have too much on my plate (especially with the dishwasher on the blink), so:

• I’ve already gone to my Airrosti appointment. Now that my knee feels 100%, the painful thumb of Dr. Kelly is working on my left wrist, which somehow I strained yesterday, and my right shoulder, which I damaged about 40 years ago. I now have the pink Kinesio tape on my shoulder.

• I’m waiting for Doug the appliance man to come fix the dishwasher. I actually had to wash dishes by hand yesterday! I don’t want a repetition of that today.

• Today is everyone’s favorite, Kitchen Wednesday. While Doug is fixing, I’ll be spiffing.

• I’m hoping to take the Mercury Villager (“Old Red”), the minivan that #1 son drives to school, to the local repair/tire shop to check the front tires. The Mister thinks they might need to be replaced.

• If I don’t take a nap, I won’t be able to stay awake during “Lost,” no matter how exciting the episode is. So that has to be on the list.

• If the dishwasher is fixed, I’m going to bake chicken breasts for the guys. If not, I’ll opt for carry-in, so I won’t have more dishes to wash!

Packet pickup

houston-marathon-logoThe Friday before the Chevron Houston Marathon/Half-Marathon has always been exciting for me . . . it’s when I get to pick up my packet, walk through the expo (which is pretty extensive), and possibly see runners I haven’t seen for a year. My “normal” world is as a stay-at-home mom in a small city about a marathon southwest of Houston. Most of my friends in this world aren’t runners or aren’t runners who enter races, let alone THE biggest race in Houston. Marathon Weekend is a world that my bestest friends aren’t privvy to. They know nothing about the excitement of the expo, the warmth of the Saturday night pasta dinner with long-time running friends, the nervousness of the George R. Brown Convention Center where we gather before (and after) the race, and the nervous energy of the starting line. They don’t obsess about the weather and keep checking justweather.com every day for 10 days before the event. It’s a different world . . . my special world that started before kids and hopefully will endure long after the kids have flown the coop. It’s a world that I always look forward to, no matter how abysmally I’ve trained and how worried I might be about my right knee.

This is the fifth-straight year that I’m driving to the expo with my friend Janet. Her daughter and my #2 son were in third and fourth grade together, and she’s one of the few serious local runners I know. She started out running the half-marathon and now runs the marathon. She’s waaaaay faster than me (but, then again, who isn’t these days?). She’s also had some leg pain, but, hopefully, she’ll be 100% when the cannon booms (and it is REALLY loud!) at 7:10 a.m. Sunday in downtown Houston. She told me that going with me to the expo has been her good luck charm; I’m glad to oblige!

Speaking of the right knee, I went for my second Airrosti treatment yesterday, and Dr. Satan . . . er, Dr. Kelly really put the hurt into it. I even had a little bruise! But the pain went away quickly, and my knee feels really good. When I ran yesterday, there was no pain, and my knee felt stiff from lack of use. I’m going to jog a little this afternoon to see if the stiffness is going away. I haven’t really run in 11 days . . . not the best kind of taper to do before running 13.1 miles!!

How did I do on yesterday’s get ’er dones? Made it to the treatment, shopped for a few too many groceries (it’s never a good idea to buy more than the number of reusable bags that you’ve brought), finally shred the junk mail, and hooked up the external My Book drive to my iMac and SO FAR Time Machine works. I couldn’t excavate in the master bedroom, because the Mister stayed home due to feeling poorly, and he was in the bedroom most of the day sleeping it off. I also quizzed both boys for their finals (hope they do better on their actual exams than they did last night!).

Both boys enjoyed early dismissal. #1 son had his best friend Chase over; they did stuff on the computer and (Super Mario) brawled on the Wii. #2 son had his National History Day partners over before going out to play football with more friends; the project is looking pretty woeful right now. Good thing that #1 son and I are pretty good in PowerPoint and can help them if/when they get their act together. I’ve told #2 son that I expect the PowerPoint to be done by Monday night (it’s due Wednesday). I don’t want any stress when we’re watching “The Biggest Loser” Tuesday!

As for today’s get ’er dones, I’m going to keep things light and easy in anticipation of Sunday.

• Go to the marathon expo with confirmation card in hand. I don’t buy very much there, but I will look for a vented running jacket with two pockets (the one I’ve used for years only has one pocket, and that drives me crazy at times).

• Shop at Walmart for a few incidentals (take in enough reusable bags; I hate getting all those plastic bags!).

• Check to see if I’ve done backups of old family photos to my Smugmug account; if I haven’t done them previously, then do them now!

• Try to hook up the Powerbook external hard drive to the boys’ iMac and copy their iTunes music to the iMac hard drive. That way Time Machine can back up their music, and I’ll have the redundancy I’m looking for without making 100 CDs!

• Short jog

Baby, it’s cold outside!


Brrrrr! It’s 29 degrees this morning, which made me NOT want to get up early and run so I could test out my knee. But I will try to get in a short run later as one of my daily get ’er dones.

The massage did loosen up my IT bands, thankfully, but did nothing for my knee. The Airrsoti session was interesting—painful but not as bad as labor pain. Dr. Scott Kelly thinks that I have patellar tendonitis (an overuse injury) and feels confident that with another treatment on Thursday plus wearing the magic Kerri Walsh tape [Kinesio tape] and stretching with the hated foam roller (oh, the pain!), I’ll be able to run the half-marathon Sunday. By the way, I discovered that it’s very hard to take a photo of one’s own knee!

I’ve found that all this knee business is a big distraction to the get ’er done schedule. I usually feel pretty antsy the week before the half-marathon anyway; worrying about my knee just heightens the tension.

Speaking of the schedule, how did I do yesterday?

• No problem doing the laundry and filling the pool.

• Massage and treatment checked off the list.

• Hooked up the Seagate external drive to the Powerbook and copied the iTunes library to it. I had forgotten that the Powerbook reads DVDs but doesn’t burn them (bad purchasing decision; I could’ve bought a PB with a DVD burner but wanted to save money). To back up the library (13 gigs!) takes a lot of CDs! I first tried plugging the Seagate’s firewire cable into the firewire/usb hub that we use, but it wouldn’t show up on the desktop. I then plugged it directly into the PB’s firewire port and success! Whew! Had me worried that it wouldn’t work with the PB.

• I didn’t contact the guitar teacher nor did I hook up the DVD player to the new HDTV. However, I did spend extra time with the clothes putting them away (the Mister hates putting his clothes away . . . it’s one of our monthly marital spats, because I think a 58-year-old should put his own clothes in his dresser), and I did spend time with the #2 son quizzing him on his U.S. History (he really struggled with it). The Mister quizzed the #1 son on his chemistry and sports marketing for his finals. We almost seemed like a happy homeschooling family!

On to today’s menu:

• Finish proofreading our homeowners’ association’s newsletter (volunteer work) and drop off the corrected proofs by 10 a.m.

• Pick up the Mister’s prescription at the local CVS.

• Contact that guitar teacher.

• Hook up that darned dvd player!

• Inaugurate Kitchen Wednesday, whereby I go through the mail I’ve been ignoring, get the shredding done, and try to deal with paperwork (I’m horrible at this).

• Self-clean the oven. I don’t use the oven a lot, but it stinks up the house when I do use it (like I did last night). I think I’ve only used the self-cleaning feature once in the 12 years we’ve lived in the house. I already have the manual out ready to go!

• Go to lunch with a couple friends (very important for my sanity).

• Short run.

• Stretch with the dreaded, hated, abominable foam roller.

• Remind #2 son to get together with his National History Day buds so that they actually have a project to turn in.

Hoping for some knee answers today

airrosti2-logoFirst things first . . . as for yesterday’s get ’er dones, I failed to go to Best Buy (no biggie) and to hook up the dvd. Everything else turned out a-okay. I baked the potatoes using a recipe at http://whatscookingamerica.net/Q-A/PotatoBaking.htm; the Mister and I liked them more than son #2 (but he prefers mashed potatoes); #1 son ate the usual white rice and barbeque sauce delicacy. I enjoyed the middle school PTO meeting (nice group of gals and a short meeting . . . a great mix!). The doctor’s appointment gave me absolutely no answers, but it was only a prerequisite for today’s Airrosti appointment. I dislike seeing orthopedic doctors who don’t run; they think the answer to every ache and pain is not to run. They don’t understand that runners NEED to run, especially when they’ve paid $65 to enter a half-marathon! Obviously, I wouldn’t run with a fracture, severe sprain, or illness, but I know that I can at least walk for a fair distance, so the half-marathon still is doable. We’ll see what the Airrosti folks say today.

By the way, #2 son lambasted me about not using Arial Black (ugh! that’s not readable for a three-page paper!) and not single-spacing his science project paper (I used 12-point Arial on 18-point leading). Of course, he didn’t bring home his scrawled instructions, so I could double-check that I did NOT see any details about spacing or the Arial Black. I contend it said to use 12-point Arial. Geesh! The only middle school grade that counts for high school is Spanish, anyway. If he gets a B on the project, so be it. I did finally convince #1 son and the Mister to quiz #2 son on his Spanish, since both of them have taken it. Even though #2 insisted he didn’t need their help, he later admitted that he thought it was a good thing. But we didn’t get to the U.S. History; he should have some time during school to study that review today. We’ll go over it after school. He also has his math final.

Today’s get ’er done menu:

• 9:30 a.m. massage (hurts so good!). This could help my knee, and I know it will help my chronically sore illiotibial bands.

• One load of laundry; put water in pool.

• Hook up dvd to bedroom TV.

• Hook up external drive to the old Powerbook and back up the boys’ extensive iTunes library (we’ve done periodic backups onto dvds; I’d like more redundancy).

• Call a recommended guitar teacher, so that #1 son can start lessons. Expect that the lessons will end after a month, just like the drum and art lessons, but feel assured that he will get something out of them.

• 1:30 p.m. Airrosti appointment (http://www.airrosti.com/). Practice not cringing beforehand.

• Continue excavation of master bedroom; consider bringing in a forklift (it’s a daunting task!).

I did get rid of one big box in the bedroom . . . I freecycled an unopened Epson Stylus printer from 2004! I’m sure the ink has long since dried up, but it should work. My “trash” is someone else’s “treasure.”

A fresh start to the week

Whew! Made it through Friday and the weekend with most of my sanity intact. My biggest problem has been that my right knee hurts, and the Aramco Houston Half-Marathon that I always run is Sunday. Yikes! I’m seeing a doctor today and trying Airrosti tomorrow (it’s supposed to hurt, unfortunately, but that’s okay if it helps). I’m willing to walk the half if I have to, but running is so much faster, even for a slowpoke like me.

Besides the knee, the weekend’s big stress was son #2 procrastinating with his science project that he needed me to type up (wonder where he got that procrastination gene from). Graphic design is one of my (few) talents . . . I can make almost anything the boys have to do for school look good. #2 was supposed to work on the project over the two-week winter break, but apparently two weeks were NOT enough time. As an eighth-grader, he needs to learn to set his priorities and get his work done early. But he prefers sleeping late and playing disc golf. I’ve been spoiled by his older brother, who has always gotten his work done with plenty of time to spare (really since he was in first grade!).

#2 was busy Saturday with disc golf, although he did do some typing in the evening, but that put the onus for finishing the project (due today) on yesterday. I had to produce a table and a graph, which aren’t hard but are time-consuming. And, of course, my Epson inkjet printer just had to act up, refusing to print out page one of the three pages (I used the HP laser printer for that page). Long story short, I finally finished it at around 12:30 a.m., and now I’m sleep-deprived once again. But I won’t be able to take a nap this afternoon due to my doctor’s appointment. Woe is me!

Here’s today’s get ’er done menu:
• Drive through at post office to mail a return
• Stop at Target and Best Buy
• 1 p.m. middle-school PTO meeting
• 2:30 p.m. doctor’s appointment
• bake potatoes for part of dinner
• help #2 son study for his Spanish final (even though I took four years of French in high school and #1 son took two years of Spanish but claims he doesn’t remember any of it) and start to go over his U.S. History review
• be thankful that I only have to help #1 son study for his Music History final later in the week
• if there’s time, hook up the dvd player to the new HD TV and cable box

Need I note that #2 son’s National History Day project is due January 21st, and he’s really not sure exactly what he and his two partners are doing?!? Oy!! And he wonders why I have so many gray hairs??