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Finally . . . “Lost!”


OMG! The day has finally arrived!! No, NOT Day #1 of Obama’s presidency . . . the penultimate season of “Lost” starts TONIGHT! The four of us will be glued to our TV tonight; hopefully, there will be more answers than questions.

I did well on yesterday’s get ’er dones, accomplishing everything except cleaning off the dining room table. Which now looks even worse because of #2’s dastardly National History Day project. Did I really think that the slideshow was going well?!? Was I delusional?!? Did I not know my #2 son and his penchant to procrastinate?!?

Let me put it this way . . . Señor Cortés wasn’t really looking good until almost 3 this morning; by that time, I was too bleary-eyed to notice how cute he looked in the tights he used to wear. #2 son stayed up until 1 a.m., leaving me to make sure the slideshow ran okay on another computer and to format and print out the paper part of the NHD entry (title page, process paper, and bibliography). It’s been awhile since I’ve produced a slideshow, so, of course, I forgot I had to save the PowerPoint as a package in order to view it on another computer (with the package, all the sound files are saved with the show). Once I remembered, it was easy enough to test it and burn it to a CD.

But now both the science and NHD projects are done, soon to be forgotten. I’ve told #2 that from now on his project deadline will be three full days before the actual deadline. Hopefully, we both won’t get sick before the next project is due! By the way, #2 had me dropping my jaw with this statement: “Part of this is your fault, because you didn’t bug me enough soon enough.” Yes, I checked the fine print on his birth certificate, and it does say that I have to love him no matter how crazy he drives me with these silly projects and the silly statements he makes that are caused by project stress.


Any “Biggest Loser” fans out there? We know it’s an unrealistic weight-loss show, but it’s just so addicting for us! #1 son pointed out that we always eat unhealthy meals when we watch the show (they had pizza delivered, while I had a delicious and fairly nutritious Amy’s single-serve roasted vegetable pizza, possibly the tastiest vegan pizza ever); methinks he loves the irony.

Anyway, what was up with Jillian’s team seeming to pull a fast one over on Bob’s team and voting to send sweet Damien home (causing a tie with Joelle; Damien had the lower percentage of weight loss)? Did they want to continue the dissension among Bob’s team or did they see Joelle as the weaker of the two? Time will tell!

And what about today’s get ’er dones? I’m too tired to have too much on my plate (especially with the dishwasher on the blink), so:

• I’ve already gone to my Airrosti appointment. Now that my knee feels 100%, the painful thumb of Dr. Kelly is working on my left wrist, which somehow I strained yesterday, and my right shoulder, which I damaged about 40 years ago. I now have the pink Kinesio tape on my shoulder.

• I’m waiting for Doug the appliance man to come fix the dishwasher. I actually had to wash dishes by hand yesterday! I don’t want a repetition of that today.

• Today is everyone’s favorite, Kitchen Wednesday. While Doug is fixing, I’ll be spiffing.

• I’m hoping to take the Mercury Villager (“Old Red”), the minivan that #1 son drives to school, to the local repair/tire shop to check the front tires. The Mister thinks they might need to be replaced.

• If I don’t take a nap, I won’t be able to stay awake during “Lost,” no matter how exciting the episode is. So that has to be on the list.

• If the dishwasher is fixed, I’m going to bake chicken breasts for the guys. If not, I’ll opt for carry-in, so I won’t have more dishes to wash!