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Another Squirrelly Tale—Pint-Size Division

This was how far he could climb the oak tree.

This was how far he could climb up our oak tree.

It’s been well-documented in this blog how much birds, animals and insects are drawn to our front door (as well as to my home office and our garage and backyard . . . shudder!). Nature seems to be constantly knocking, probably because it often horrifies me.

Opposites do attract, unfortunately for me.

This past Monday it happened again. The day before, the Mister and I had seen the tiniest of squirrels down the street. It wasn’t a baby, but it wasn’t close to full grown. And it wasn’t afraid of humans. It tried to follow us, but, fortunately, it finally scampered towards a neighbor’s backyard.

It was a short-lived break.

Hey there, hi there, ho there!

Hey there, hi there, ho there!

About 24 hours later, the little guy was in our front yard. As I was snapping pics of him from the front door, he headed my way. Of course. Naturally, I shut it, but I changed lenses (from my Nikon 70-200mm to my Nikon 105mm) and kept shooting through the windows.

Oh oh!

Oh oh!

Before long he was climbing up the door jamb! What is it with that area that’s so attractive to nature’s beasts? Fortunately, he quickly gave up and pondered the situation for awhile.

Hello and goodbye!

Hello and goodbye!

I definitely need to get rid of that welcome mat!

Nature’s Surprises

A fly enjoys some purply goodness.

A fly enjoys some purply goodness.

Sometimes it’s easy to see nature’s freeloaders while I’m snapping away at wildflowers.



As I get up close and personal with my Nikon 105mm macro lens, insects often come into focus along with the flora.

I didn’t notice the little antennas until I edited this photo on my iMac.

I didn’t notice the little antennas until I edited this photo on my iMac.

Other times the vagrant varmints show up as I work in Photoshop in the comfort of my home office. I wonder how I could’ve missed them while I was in the thick grass.

Not all of nature’s winks, though, are actually on flowers. Last Saturday as I was about to lean over to take a bluebonnet photo, something odd “hoppened” that was kinda “hare-owing” (somebody stop me!):

Bye, bye, bunny!

Bye, bye, bunny!

Quick as a bunny . . . because it was one . . . this critter near me shot out and scurried down the walking path. Got my heart to racing like Danica Patrick at Daytona.

Mental note: When it comes to nature photography, be careful of busy bees and rascally rabbits!

A Squirrelly Tale

The arrows show where the squirrel jumped up and knocked on the windows.

The other day as I was walking into the family room, I heard knocking on the front door window. I looked over and saw something brown and furry go from the left lowest pane to the right one, jumping up and hitting it.

What in the world?!? At least I knew it wasn’t Hoppy.

Once at the door, I saw a squirrel in the front landscaping. I quickly grabbed my Nikon dSLR and started shooting as the critter climbed our closest oak tree.


Was this the culprit?

Yeah, right.

Stop telling tales!

Classic misdirection

Totally squirrelly!

Birthday Zoo

There’s a great view of downtown Chicago from the Lincoln Park Zoo.

When I traveled to Chicago last weekend, I was fortunate enough to celebrate my little bubba’s birthday with him on the exact day (June 22nd). As did my mom, my big sister, and my bro’s wife and older daughter, Allie.

A gorilla stands still just for a moment.

We let the hot-shot Chicago lawyer choose where he wanted to go. He opted for the Lincoln Park Zoo. I was glad he did!

Does the vulture think I would be a tasty meal?

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo brings back such wonderful childhood memories. Lincoln Park’s menagerie always has been free, so the four of us kids along with mom and dad spent plenty of days gawking at the animals way back when.

Sidebar: My dad used to call us “the animals” (as in “Eva, did you feed the animals?”). Made it easy to relate to our zoo brethren.

A giraffe checks out the crowd.

Of course, the zoo has changed since the 1950s and ’60s (as has my family). But it’s still a wonderful family venue.

This ostrich shared digs with the giraffe.

Checking out the beasts and chatting away with each other made for such a pleasant Friday afternoon.

The black-necked stilt was cute.

Getting together with my family always is a rewarding experience.

The birthday boy and our mom pose.

Especially for my mom, who enjoys being with her own lovable animals!

Leapin’ Lizards!

Yep, he sure did!

Dear the Mister:

You often ask me what I do all day at home. Don’t think I don’t see you eyeing the household clutter and chaos as you speak.

Do you really want to know what goes on while you’re slaving away at work so we can afford our lifestyle? This is the tale/tail of what my Wednesday morning was like:

As I was typing my blog post in my office, I heard a noise in the clutter near my chair. I stared at it (wasn’t about to touch anything in case it was an icky roach . . . hate those things!) but nothing was moving. Suddenly, I heard a sound and saw something move from the pile to one of my shelves. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it was big enough to make me scream and knock to the ground a tray piled with stuff next to my desk when I jumped out of my chair.

By the way, this is great for raising your heart rate.

The anole loved Sack Boy.

Finally, I saw what was giving me the vapors: An anole was in the house. Usually when they come inside, we might see them on the walls. But this explorer decided to get up close and personal with me and one of my shelves.

The entire experience was nerve-wracking! Would the lizard decide to jump on me and send me into shock?

Of course, my first instinct was to call you, my sworn protector (both boys are working . . . yay . . . except when I need them for pest control). I believe your marriage vow went something like “to love, honor, and deal with household invaders.” I was sure you would rush home (it would take at least 45 minutes), vanquish the tiny beast, kiss my hand, and return to work.

Was that a pig I saw flying past my office window? Nope.

It was time to take action.

The inquisitive guy is inside the storage unit drawer.

After about 15 minutes or so of watching the anole walk all over the shelf (in between rests on my Sack Boy plushie), I got a break: He decided to climb into one of the drawers in a small storage unit. I quickly got some wide tape to close off the opening. I was large and in charge!

Better safe than sorry!

The next step was to put the storage unit into a handy box for transporting outside. I did not want to chance being touched by my cold-blooded squatter.

Free at last!

Once outside (away from the house), I took off the tape, warily tilted the storage unit, and the little lizard leaped out. The ordeal finally was over! Now the hostage could fulfill all those demands for network interviews (call me, Katie Couric).

So that was my morning ordeal. And after all that angst and drama, you really couldn’t expect me to deal with clutter and chaos in the afternoon, could you? I felt the need to decompress with hours of checking Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo news. Plus I believe the utter exhaustion of battle drove me to nap.

Let’s hope for better results next week!

Your loving exasperating wife,


One-Word Wednesday

The horns are intimidating . . . despite the barbed-wire fence.


A whistling duck flies overhead.

An extremely noisy, little frog visits our pool one night.

Oh, Dear!

Deer along our little bayou warily watch me as I walk by this morning. (iPhone 4S)

Oh, deer! Hope there are no hunters around!!

One-Word Wednesday

The swans aren’t always a-swimming! (iPhone 4S)


One-Word Wednesday

Rootbeer owns the family of my baby brother, the hot-shot Chicago lawyer.


Rooty’s companion, Scamp

Unwanted Photogenic Visitors

Silverfish are icky yet fascinating.

I’m not sure what anyone else does when they spy a silverfish in their bathroom sink.

The itsy-bitsy spider is on the inside of the dirty glass near my front door looking out.

Or a spider trying to escape from inside the house to outside.

But when that happens to me, I run to grab my Nikon digital SLR and Nikon 105mm macro lens. Hey, if they’re not paying rent, the least these critters can do is let me get up close and personal! I quickly snap a few photos before they quietly go on their way.

Not that all these intruders are nice and polite, though.

A mourning dove looks down on my foyer from outside.

The other day a mourning dove (they’ve been so noisy lately!) set up camp on the ledge above my front door. The Peeping Tom loved looking into our house . . . or so I thought.

Oh oh!

How rude!