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One-Word Wednesday

Seeing this autumn leaf made me hope that cooler temps are right around the corner.

Seeing this colorful leaf on the ground last Sunday made me hope that cooler temps are right around the corner.


Where, Oh Where, Is Fall?

Fluffy weeds add bits of pink to the green and brown landscape.

When you grow up in Chicago, fewer things are surer in life than crisp October temperatures, and the leaves changing colors. Like most former northerners in southeast Texas, I dearly miss fall. And having four distinct seasons . . . instead of monstrously hot and I wish it was like this forever (but it never is, and it’s never for long enough).

A few leaves get into the fall spirit.

So while I waited for Mother Nature to finally give the Houston area a break and bring on cooler temperatures (looks like it could happen Friday!), I set out for nearby Imperial Park to see if the predominant green colors were starting to change.

I wish all the leaves looked this pretty.

I discovered that, sadly, not much was different. The park still was mostly green with very few spots of that glorious shade of red signifying that fall is just around the corner.

Want to know something else that was eerily similar?

Our friend Eric makes an easy putt while in the middle of a call to his agent.

That you always can find disc golfers tossing plastic circles into metal baskets . . .

The kid tries to nail his par putt.

. . . no matter what the season!

Looking for Autumn

My younger son practices putting.

While my guys played disc golf last Saturday, I searched for signs of fall.

The Mister watches his tee shot sail away.

After the hottest summer on record in Houston resulted in a dominant landscape hue of ugly brown, I’ve been anxious to finally find some color wherever I go. With their disc golf tournament at a large park, I figured it was a great place to search for autumn.

Red leaves brighten the park.

Looks like I found it!

Love the diversity of color!

Although the park wasn’t awash in colors like places in the northeast, it was comforting to see that welcome change is on the horizon.

Here’s to rooting for a gorgeous fall on 11/11/11!

The Third Time Is the Charm!

Reflections of fall . . . with a twist

And on the third day, I finally got my reflections of fall photo!

The timing, around 8 a.m. yesterday, was spot on, so much better than my attempts on Sunday and Monday.

Several colorful trees reflect on autumn.

Standing across the lake with the sun at my back, I reveled in the colorful, reflective fall scenery. How fortunate I felt being able to capture such beauty!

Then I took a good look at what was sitting on top of one of the trees. I added my Nikon 1.7x teleconverter to my Nikon 70-200mm lens so I could zoom in better.

An egret enjoys its colorful perch.

Bonus, baby!

Still Not Quite There


Brain to Susan. Brain to Susan: “Get it through your thick skull! The time of day does matter when it comes to capturing quality reflection photos. So try, try a third time!”

Perhaps I fear success. Maybe I’m just not very bright.

Yesterday I drove to the lake in our neighboring master-planned community to try to score a great fall reflection photo for the second straight day, and once again I failed because I was too late (around 10:30 a.m.). Woe is me!

A white egret contemplates the meaning of life . . . or bugs.

Then again, if I had been at the lake earlier, maybe I wouldn’t have snagged these wonderful photos.

The long beak is great for hunting insects.

Perhaps these birds would’ve still been asleep.

Pretty purple flowers stick out among the reeds.

Maybe the purple flowers would’ve looked muted instead of vibrant. And most important . . . .

Red dragonfly #1 eyes me warily.

Perhaps some of the red dragonflies I saw playing among the reeds might not have posed for me.

A much-friendlier red dragonfly #2 seems to smile at me.

Imagine how excited I was that I not only saw red dragonflies, but that a couple of them stopped to rest within the range of my Nikon D300 and Nikon 70-200mm lens. I got as close as I could and happily snapped away.

Until Thug D-fly decided to get up into my grille and buzz around me aggressively, clearly sending me a message (while scaring the bejeezus out of me!).

Now that I think about it, maybe it would’ve been better if I had been on time, and the dragonflies had stayed away!