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One-Word Wednesday

Our disc golf friends Jessica and Eric had a baby on January 9! My baby got to hold theirs last Sunday.

Our friends Jessica and Eric had a baby on January 9! My baby got to hold theirs last Sunday.


The Mister looks like a pro. Welcome to the world, Ted!

The Mister looks like a pro. Welcome to the world, Ted!

Welcoming a New Disc Golf Baby

One of the most-adorable toddlers ever!

One of the most-adorable toddlers ever!

Look who’s a big brother! Yep, Glen V (aka Glive)!

Absolute perfection

Absolute perfection

Exactly a month ago, our disc golf pals Kelly and Glen added Jonas to their über-cute family.

Looks like Jonas is smiling.

Looks like Jonas is trying to smile in Kelly’s arms.

Here’s hoping that little Glen (who is two and a half) and Jonas eventually become close friends, just like my two sons. But for now, all little G needs to remember is one key rule:



Don’t wake the baby when he’s sleeping!

Another Cute Baby Boy

Dillon is styling in his indoor ATV walker.

Looks like it’s cutie-patootie week here on the blog!

Showing off those little chompers!

We visited with the Mister’s great-nephew Dillon (the son of his niece Melissa) on Easter. Remember him here and here?

Dillon loves cellphones.

Our cute, little guy is 10 months old now and always on the move.

The fake cellphone tastes a little better.

He’s crawling like a champ and pulling up. He’ll probably be walking the next time we see him.

Dillon reads by chewing a Thomas book we gave him.

Dillon is so fascinating to watch!

I think we all do this when we feed babies!

Isn’t it great how babies add so much to family get-togethers?

“Did you forget about me, Mom?”

Even babies who are almost 16 years old!

Baby Face


You’ve got the cutest little baby face!

Scrunchy face

Or should that be baby faces?!?

Stretchy Dillon

Meet the newest addition to the Mister’s extended family—darling Dillon is the son of the Mister’s niece, Melissa.

Mama Melissa pops the paci back in Dillon’s mouth.

We finally saw Dillon for the first time last Saturday. He’s a month old and very animated. He’s a kid of a thousand faces! Or at least a dozen.

My #2 son’s big hand holds Dillon’s little foot.

The Mister and I brought along our very own baby boy to meet his little cousin (our #1 son was working).

Here’s looking at you, kid!

At first the big cousin was hesitant to interact with the small fry. But Dillon really warmed up to #2.

Wonder what Dillon is thinking.

I guess it helps to wear a colorful, Cookie Monster hat when you’re around a baby!

Of course, I really enjoyed watching the two lads, as I snapped photo after photo after photo with my Nikon 50mm lens. At first, Dillon didn’t seem bothered by my in-your-face approach.

But then the inevitable happened.

Dillon waves me off.

Hmmm . . . looks like my #2 son, aka the momarazzo tormentor, unduly influenced the little guy!

A Reminder of Days Past

Welcome to the neighborhood, Warren!

When you have one son about to graduate high school and another son about to finish ninth grade, it’s nice to stop and think about days past. Specifically, when my #1 son was three years old, and his little brother came along to turn his world upside-down.

To help me reminisce, all I had to do was walk around the block in my subdivision and visit my friend Lori W. She gave birth about a month ago to her second son, Warren. Her older son, Walker, is almost two years old.

Walker loves Mr. Moo.

OMG! These two W boys are some kind of adorable! Walker is a little shy at first, but after awhile he’ll flirt the heartstrings out of you.

Walker loves his mom, too!

I instantly fell in love with Walker’s cute giggle. It reminded me of all those days I spent laughing with my first baby boy. Well, until he got a tad grumpy when another heir to the throne came along.

And Walker loves his baby brother!

Walker likes to “hold” Warren. Sooooo sweet!

Such a big boy!

Is it love . . . or is it a chokehold?


I think that Warren, like my #2 son, will be getting used to some rough handling from his older brother. It’s probably why #2 kids are so tough . . . they have to be to endure the tough love their older sibling inflicts on them!

As I was holding Warren and trying to take photos of Walker with one hand (very hard to do with a heavy digital SLR, by the way), my eyes started to mist. I remember so many days like this when I would be playing with #1 while holding his baby brother. There was no eye rolling, no back talk, no cries of “Moooooom! Make him stop!!” Such a blissful time of two young sons, Thomas the tank engine, trucks to roll back and forth, zoo visits, Cheerio snacks, and Sesame Street.

Then I blinked . . . and now I’ll have a high school graduate in a mere two weeks.

Would it be fun to travel back through time and do it all over again?

Poor Warren!

Probably not!

Oh, Baby! Random Super Bowl Snippets & Apertures

Super Bowl XLIV

Oh, baby, that was an enjoyable Super Bowl XLIV game last night! And I’m not just saying that because the team I was rooting for, the New Orleans Saints, won. I’m a fan of well-played, exciting football games, which the 31-17 Saints’ victory over the Indianapolis Colts was. And any team gutsy enough to start the second half with an onside kick deserves to win!

The Colts defense makes a Jeremy Shockey sandwich.

Our family’s Super Bowl experience was divided into two parts. We pulled on our social pants and spent the first half at a party at our disc golf friends Jessica and Eric’s house. Good food and good gambling via pool squares (we managed to squander only a buck). We left at halftime, because their cats’ dander set off my asthma’s wheeze-maker, and I could hardly breathe.

The Saints’ Lance Moore breaks the goal-line plane with a two-point conversion pass.

Once back home, I settled into my favorite chair, armed with my Nikon D700 and 50mm lens. With the boys playing a card game at my feet and the Mister on the couch, what better place could I find to document the game off our HDTV? Much less crowded than being on the sidelines, drooling over those 600mm lenses!

Terry Porter runs a game-changing interception towards the end zone to score for the Saints.

Of course, as wonderful as the football game turned out to be, everyone knows that it’s the Super Bowl ads that usually have fans talking the next day. I wasn’t impressed with too many of them. I could’ve done without all the sexism (GoDaddy.com and Motorola), telling guys to man up (Dodge, Flo TV), and lots of undies (Career Builder, Dockers).

Cute in-house plug

But I did like CBS’ shameless plug for “How I Met Your Mother,” featuring Lothario Barney. As well as Google’s Parisian Love, Hyundai’s Brett Favre still playing in 2020, and Bud Light’s takeoff on “Lost.”

Toys come alive for the Kia Sorento

I guess I’m just a kid at heart—I really laughed at the toys coming alive in Kia’s joy ride ad.

Gotta love a sock puppet!

Especially the sock puppet!

President Chicken gets bad news.

Denny’s squawking chickens (they’ll need to lay more eggs due to free Grand Slam breakfasts) were cute.

Love that E-Trade baby!

I’m always a sucker for babies. Whether they’re in ads . . . .

MVP Drew Brees holds his baby boy Baylen after the game.

Or being carried by their proud MVP dads . . . .

Tristin Lee isn't into the Super Bowl.

Or resting on their dad at a Super Bowl party . . . .

The #1 son

Or who are remembered fondly when they were a baby . . . .

The #2 son

Or who always will be my baby.

Was there an ad for a memory booster? I’ve totally lost my train of thought!