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Snippets From my iPhone


When I think of random thoughts I want to remember, I whip out my beloved iPhone and type them into the Notes widget. Some of the following are those snippets from my iPhone, as well as from my Stickies on my iMac and MacBook.
jiminy_140x143• I had to type the word “Mississippi.” Does anyone else still have to spell it out like Miss-iss-ippi? As for “encyclopedia,” I’m a member of the original Mickey Mouse Club generation. So I always have Jiminy Cricket in my head singing “enc-yc-lo-pedia!” I can’t spell it any other way.
• I think I may be on my MacBook too often. We usually eat dinner in our family room, using snack tables. Last night during dinner, the Mister wanted me to google something . . . and pointed to my salad! He just assumed that I was multitasking on my laptop, as I usually do when I’m in the family room watching TV. Lettuce not assume that anymore!
chargers-logo• The #2 son not only plays flag football in the spring and fall, but he also coaches a team of fourth-graders (two of whom are our neighbors). The National Football League sponsors the league, so all the teams wear different NFL jerseys. Sunday was their first game, and I must admit that I had one thought when I saw that they were the Chargers: Is that “iPod Chargers” or “cellphone Chargers?” I momentarily forgot about San Diego!
• The #1 son doesn’t like to speak for himself when he’s in public; he wants us to do it for him. We might have to record some helpful phrases for him when he goes to college. Like “where’s the bathroom?” “Could I have a refill?” It shouldn’t surprise anyone if he walks around campus with his iPod Touch in hand, ready to play one of his situation-saving phrases for professors and other students. Hope they don’t think he’s mute!
sally_forth1• I’m used to having a dictionary by my side when I’m reading. One of my favorite authors, Barbara Kingsolver, stretches my vocabulary so much that I keep WeDict, my iPhone dictionary app, ready to be used when I read one of her books. I usually don’t need a dictionary when I read the comics, the sanctuary for simple thinkers. But the Sally Forth comic above had me scrambling to learn the definition of “koan,” a word I had never heard before. In case you’re wondering, it means a paradoxical anecdote or riddle. I might use “koan” in an upcoming blog post, so you’ll be glad you already know its meaning!
• When we saw “Race to Witch Mountain,” I was disturbed by one thing: The bad guys were using Macs. I don’t think that villains really use my favorite computer. When I think of bad guys, I think of viruses, worms, and malware. That’s PC territory; Macs don’t go there.
• I was at Chipotle one day when the unthinkable happened: There was no Diet Coke or even Diet Dr Pepper! I had already paid for my drink; what to do? Another customer told me to try Coke Zero, claiming that it had a great taste. So I did and . . . ewwwww! Gross!! Coke Zero might taste good for anyone used to drinking Coke. But I’ve been drinking diet drinks for years and years. Next time there are no diet drinks to be found, I’m choosing water (a healthier choice, too).
And I’ll probably post a random snippet on my iPhone noting the occasion!