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Making Good On a Promise

C.J. is ready to blow out the candle on his mini pizookie at BJ's.

C.J. is ready to blow out the candle on his mini pizookie during lunch at BJ’s.

Every so often, my ever-lovin’ though sometimes ornery younger son will look at me and say, “Remember my birthday last year? I still can’t believe we didn’t go to Dave and Buster’s.” Then cue the fake sigh.

As I cue my own real sigh, I must admit that I do feel bad about last year, even though C.J. and the rest of the Core 4 seemed to have a great time at Tilt Studio. Which is why I had promised him an eventual trip to D&B. Yesterday I fulfilled it.

The guys walk towards their world of fun.

The guys walk towards their world of fun.

Yep, my newly minted 19-year-old got to spend his birthday with his big brother and Ricky, Jared, and RJ at Dave and Buster’s in Houston. The Mister and I went along to act as chauffeur and ATM. Plus we always enjoy watching the guys have a great time. Which they did!



Most of their $20 Power Cards were wasted spent on a couple of basketball games that they played numerous times. All five of them love to hoop it up.

Lotsa tix

It’s a handful.

One of the best parts for them, besides trash talking each other, was racking up tickets. Once all the money was gone, it was time to see how much they had earned.

As a veteran mom, I knew that most of the prizes were going to be lame and cost lots of tickets. D&B, after all, is just Chuck E. Cheese’s with better food and games and without the rat. But the guys still enjoyed checking out the store and picking out their rewards (except for Jared, who is saving up his winnings).

Jared, Ricky, C.J., RJ, and Jake pose with Bumblebee.

Jared, Ricky, C.J., RJ, and Jake pose with Bumblebee.

As we were walking out of D&B, C.J. said, “You know, last year’s place was okay. But Dave and Buster’s was a lot more fun!”

Glad you had a birthday that’s as wonderful as you are, my sweet son!

A Taylor Swift Birthday

Jake and I when he was 10 months old

Jake and I when he was 10 months old

Today is this guy’s 22nd birthday.

The brothers

The brothers

This guy’s brother came in from SHSU this weekend to help him celebrate.

Jon, Tanner, Josh, C.J., Chase, and Jake

Jon, Tanner, Josh, C.J., Chase, and Jake

This guy’s friends helped make the weekend memorable (bowling, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” [loved it!], and iHop Friday with gaming Saturday).

Yes, this guy, aka my older son, who was the highlight of 1992, is one of the brilliant lights of my life, the person who changed me into a mom. I am truly blessed!

And I’m infinitely glad that this guy decided to start smiling for photos! Dance like you’re 22, my sweet boy . . . because you are!!

Birthday Weekend Starts



Jake turns 22 on Monday! He started his big birthday festivities by driving home from UTSA yesterday (he’s off on Fridays). Little brother will be here from SHSU later today (he does have a couple classes) to gather with Jake’s besties Chase (our “third son”), Josh, and Tanner for a fun weekend.

Last night we ate dinner at Willie’s, which is one of his favorite restaurants (plus we had a coupon for a free entrée for the birthday boy). It’s possible that someone let it slip whose birthday it was . . . and that meant that the wait staff sang and gave him ice cream. And it’s very likely that someone was not pleased at all of the attention.

There definitely was a balding third person who was glad he wasn’t to blame!

One-Word Wednesday

The Mister’s brother turns 65 today. They sandwich their sister, Carol.

The Mister’s brother, Mike, turns 65 today. They sandwich their sister, Carol.


The Mister, me, our niece Melissa, Mike, his wife Paula, and Carol

The Mister, me, our niece Melissa, Mike, his wife Paula, and Carol at Mike’s Texans-themed birthday party last Sunday; wish they had won for him!

One-Word Wednesday

Our younger son came to town from SHSU to play in the Southwest Handicap Mini finale . . . and help his dad celebrate his birthday.

Our younger son came home from SHSU yesterday to play in the Southwest Handicap Mini finale . . . and help his dad celebrate his birthday.


Unfortunately, the course at River Pointe Church got the best of him.

Unfortunately, the disc golf course at River Pointe Church got the best of him. But he had a good time with his buddies, and we loved seeing him again.

The BIG One!

This is my gift from the MIster, a tenor ukulele.

This is my gift from the MIster, a tenor ukulele (which I asked for).

Today is my 60th birthday! Celebrate!!

The State of the Summer

Parking permits are ready to be used.

Parking permits are ready to be used.

Now that we’re into August, it’s time to sum up how our summer is going in one word:


In exactly 20 days, we will move my younger son into his dorm at Sam Houston State. The next day, his older brother will drive to UTSA to start his senior year.

Breathe in, breathe out. Repeat.

A few school supplies for the kid

A few school supplies for the kid

I’ve slowly but surely been gathering things the kid will need in his dorm. Every time I add an item to his list, I have to smile when I remember how my freshman roommate Jan brought a popcorn popper, and I toted my beloved suitcase record player to our tiny dorm room at the University of Illinois. Methinks my son will get by with his dig’s microwave (and small fridge) and iTunes on his iPhone 4S. Easy peasy!

Notice a couple great test grades?

Notice a couple great test grades?

My #2 son is almost finished with his summer school Finite Math class at our local junior college. He’ll have his fourth test Thursday, go to class next Monday to review, and then take the final the following day. Here’s hoping he starts college with an A average!

His older brother continues to use his spreadsheet skills at our box-distribution company. He’s definitely helping the hand that feeds while earning money for college. Love those win-win situations!

Thanks for noticing!

Thanks for noticing!

Before the boys leave the nest, we’ll celebrate my (gulp!) 60th birthday on the 15th. We have special family time planned for the big day. My three guys are my favorite party animals!

We only have three weeks left before our summer ends. I’m sure that the time spent in class, at work, and in doctors’ offices and dentists’ chairs will be forgotten amid the swirl of TopGolf, disc golf, and playing videogames with friends. The boys will go on to new adventures, learning, fun, and, ultimately, graduation.

Meanwhile, the Mister and I will look at each other on August 27 in our quiet house and wonder where life will take us. It might be time to finally grow up!

Party Time!

A classic Nintendo 64 game from the big brother

The big brother gave the kid a classic Nintendo 64 game.

Let’s keep this short and sweet: My baby turned 18 years old last Saturday.

And now a moment of silence, as I ponder the end of his childhood and the beginning of his adulthood. Sigh times 18!

The emotional thumps on my heart are magnified with C.J., because not only was it just his birthday, but he also graduates from high school at 1 p.m. Saturday. Talk about your one-two punches! Guess I’d better stock up on Kleenex with college starting in late August.

My older son joins R.J., his little bro, Ricky, and Jared.

Jake poses with RJ, C.J., Ricky, and Jared.

To celebrate his birthday, my son wanted to go to Dave and Buster’s with his big brother, his Core 4 brethren (aka his future college roommate RJ, Ricky, and Jared), and Cody (who, unfortunately, was busy). However, I had a Groupon to Tilt Studio in nearby Katy, so that’s where we went for the first time ever.

The Core 4 plays quad air hockey.

The Core 4 plays quad air hockey.

Unfortunately, Tilt turned out to be a poor man’s Dave and Buster’s (sorry, kiddo!). But I reminded my newly minted adult that the fun is who you’re with, not so much what you do. Fortunately, I kept seeing smiles on those five handsome faces (whew!).

My older son tries his hand at basketball.

Jake tries his hand at basketball.

The guys seemed to enjoy playing all kinds of videogames and competing against each other in basketball and skeeball.

Almost France! Ricky showed off in mini golf.

Almost France! Ricky aims for a birdie in mini golf.

They also had fun playing mini golf and laser tag. After all of that, pizza, soda, and lots of talking finished off our Tilt adventure.

The kid guards his air hockey goal.

C.J. guards his air hockey goal.

Despite the weak-sauce surroundings, looks like it was a successful 18th birthday for my precious baby boy!

A Milestone Birthday

Age 5

Age 5

This cute, little slugger . . .

Adulthood includes videogames

Adulthood includes videogames

. . . turned 21 years old yesterday!

I’m having a tough time wrapping my head around that fact. Probably because it reminds me that:

1. Even though it seems like only yesterday that he was five years old and starting the spring T-ball season in Little League, my wonderful, older son is finishing up his junior year at UTSA. He’ll be a flippin’ college senior, for goodness sakes!

2. This man-child now is an adult. I need to stop remembering how much fun he had with his Thomas the train set and Hot Wheels and help him look forward to the future. Not that I ever will stop thinking about him as a carefree, little guy, though. That’s what moms do!

The brothers pose together the day last Saturday.

The brothers posed together last Friday, a couple days before the big birthday.

3. The kid is looking forward to three milestones of his own this year: Turning 18 on June 1, high school graduation on June 8, and leaving the nest for college in late August. My beloved baby boy off on his own! It’s so hard to imagine.

4. Last but certainly not least, I have a BIG birthday of my own in mid-August, one that starts with a six and ends with a zero.

That probably amazes me the most!

Like Father, Like Son

Our new dishwasher is great, but it won’t put dirty dishes and forks inside itself, darn it.

Remember this photo and post?

So close . . . and yet so far. My younger son never hangs up his hand towel.

Looks like the apple doesn’t fall very far from the family tree!

(Happy 62nd birthday to the Mister!)