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The More Things Change . . . .

I call this photo “shadow selfie.”

I call this photo “shadow selfie” (snapped during my 12-mile run last Saturday).

The start of a new year means yet another blogiversary for me. I now have a whopping five years of random snippets and apertures under my too-large belt. I’ve written 1,307 posts and have never missed answering the blogging bell on Monday through Friday.

But that’s about to change.

As much as I really enjoy writing and oversharing photos, the time has come to move in a slightly different direction. Of course, it doesn’t help that my two main characters, aka my sons, Jake and C.J., are in college and aren’t giving me lots of new blogging material. And there are only so many sleep pics that I can snap of them when they are at home (they are so lazy!).

But I’ve also found that I need more time to work on projects (such as slurping this blog into books and finally catching up on the boys’ scrapbooks, where “catching up” means “actually starting them”; gotta love being 22 years behind!) and decluttering.

So I’ve decided to cut down my posting schedule to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I might occasionally chime in on a Tuesday and/or Thursday, but that will be the exception instead of my five-year rule. It’ll be interesting to assess after six months or so whether I’ve accomplished a lot or merely spent time watching lots of Jimmy Fallon on YouTube (C.J.’s current obsession).

One thing’s for sure . . . .

Still love those reflections!

Always love those reflections!

There still will be plenty of photos, especially of nature during my morning walks and jogs, posted here. That will stay the same.

Thanks for continuing to be part of my journey!

The Start of Year No. 5

Already a photographer at age 8

Already a photographer at age 8

Start up the band and break out a parade! I’ve completed my fourth year of blogging (as of January 5). I wrote 241 posts in 2012, which included probably close to 1,000 photos. Guess I just love to overshare (no need to thank me).

I decided to look back over those many words and pick out two favorite posts from each month. That was so difficult! I love writing, and I enjoy documenting our lives, especially when those posts include my sons, nature, and disc golf. Here are my choices:


I was a bundle of nerves as my younger son returned to his public high school after our awful online high school experience. Fortunately, he did fine in finishing up his junior year.

I responded to an innocent question by the kid with a long harangue about the good, old days (including the top photo).

Ah, that sweet smile at 14 months!

Ah, my #1 son’s sweet smile at 14 months!


My older son turned 20. Sniff sniff!

Another of my younger son’s innocent questions, this time about the “Star Wars” movies, got me thinking about the future.

Dad and son are glad the fierce cougar is just a statue!

Dad and son are glad the fierce cougar is just a statue!


We took our first college visit with the kid to his dad’s alma mater, the University of Houston.

I overshared photos of the wonderful wildflowers in Gonzales.

If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone . . . .

If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone . . . .


I broke out plenty of puns, as I cried fowl (see what I mean?) when I was chased by chickens (aka Poultry in Motion . . . somebody stop me!).

The kid discovered that having ancient parents is a perk when it comes to learning U.S. History.

My #1 son enjoys the word play and card play.

My #1 son enjoys the word play and card play.


My sons had a blast playing Ultimate Uno with their pals at our house.

Our little town got an independent, minor-league baseball team, the Skeeters! We had fun at our first game.

Yep, he sure did!

Yep, he sure did!


An anole scared me and forced me to figure out a way to get him out of my office. I’m still always looking over my shoulder just in case he returns.

My sons and my “third son,” Chase, loved being living totem poles in the pool.

Smiling at a Skeeters’ game!

Smiling at a Skeeters’ game!


I shared my iPhone self-portrait failures, as I tried to snap a good pic of my older son and I at a Skeeters’ baseball game.

Did half my posts last year involve nature? Sure seemed like it, even when disc golf was involved.

Sam Houston watches over his campus.

Sam Houston watches over his campus.


Once we walked on campus, it was clear that the kid’s first college choice would be Sam Houston State University (which he plans to attend).

All-star pitching great Roger Clemens temporarily came out of retirement to join our Skeeters, setting off a media frenzy.

Father and son chat while walking back to the dugout.

Father and son chat while walking back to the dugout.


We watched Roger pitch to his son Koby for the first time in an actual baseball game, helping our Skeeters win.

Reading this post about my younger son’s over-Photoshopped senior pictures always makes me laugh at the memory.

I used this as a cover photo on Facebook.

I used this as a cover photo on Facebook.


Gotta love a teenager who fearlessly rocks his inner pink (as in the Pink Power Ranger).

This started the first of several posts in October and December where I educated my readers about the toxic puss moth caterpillars that are using our house as their own, personal Motel 6 (again, no need to thank me; got yer backs!).

My younger son and Chase found out how small the drinking fountains are.

My younger son and Chase found out how small the drinking fountains are.


The kid, Chase, and I enjoyed reliving their elementary school days at a reunion.

If butterflies pose for me, then I’m snapping away.

All good things must end.

All good things must end.


In documenting Chanukah, I captured a spinning dreidel . . . complete with a poem. Isn’t there a Pulitzer Prize for poetry?

My older son showed his softer side with a handmade gift for his brother.

Whew! I’m ready to continue on with the same Monday through Friday blogging schedule in 2013. I hope you’ll continue to join me!! Remember that comments always are welcome.

Happy 3rd Blogiversary to Me!

The #2 son shoots a free throw during a middle school basketball game. (January 2009)

Today is a monumental day! It’s my great-niece Kate’s first birthday (one of her presents was a new baby sister on December 30!), as well as my third blogiversary. Did you miss the parade that just marched by?

Rare snow falls on my older son in December of 2008. (February 2009)

When I started the blog three years ago, at first I used it to try to get organized. In fact, Random Snippets & Apertures used to be called Get ’Er Done. But it was a lame attempt, which was no surprise given the fact that “Lazy” has seemed to be my middle name the past few years.

My #2 son warms up for the 4 x 400-meter relay by getting some air. (March 2010)

Before long I changed my blog’s name and focus. I finally started showcasing my photos and geared Random Snippets more towards my family. It definitely was a better fit.

My #1 son and his beautiful blue eyes! (August 2010)

Why do I blog five days a week? First, I’m a writer, and I love exercising my skills, always with an eye towards improving.

My younger son flies a putt towards the basket. (April 2010)

Second, I’m a photographer, and it’s nice having an outlet for my work.

I pose with my sons this past Christmas Day. (photo by the Mister)

Most of all, I see this blog as my legacy to my two precious sons. I plan to make each year into a book, so they can remember what it was like when they were growing up, and so they can read what I was thinking and what I believed in.

I snapped this pic of a pennant dragonfly on a windy morning. (June 2011)

Let’s just hope they don’t conclude one thing:

Bees are also bluebonnet fans! (April 2010)

That their mom loved snapping pix of flowers and insects as much as she did of them!

Thanks for joining me on Random Snippets & Apertures! Here’s to another year of fun and photos.

Looking Back at 2010, Part II

An unusual-looking dragonfly stops by our front yard in late July.

As I celebrate my second blogiversary, I’m continuing my look back at some of my favorite posts of 2010. Thanks for joining me!


The blue dragonfly from behind using the 70-200mm.

My favorite dragonflies? Ones that decide to make my front yard their home!

The Warren G. Harding Memorial

Our entire family took a “non-vacation” in Marion, Ohio . . . home of the Amateur World Disc Golf Championships.


Hello, gorgeous!

I finally went “steady” with my favorite dragonflies.

My #1 son and his beautiful blue eyes

I quote Winnie the Pooh as my older son spends his final day at home before leaving for college.


A beautiful green-eyed dragonfly

I snapped pix of bugs and berries during a disc golf tournament and discovered some great-looking dragonflies.

My sons and the Mister on Father’s Day.

The Mister turned 60 years old!


Brelynn breaks the plane for a touchdown.

I documented our high school’s homecoming game.

Perfectly reflected!

I ended a week’s worth of egret photos by finally getting some great reflections.


My handsome guys!

When we visited my older son at college in San Antonio, my guys decided to go disc golfing.

Looks like the ball is about to head in the wrong direction.

My younger son almost kicks me in the head during his backyard field goal practice.


My younger son holds his older brother (via the iPhone 4’s FaceTime)!

We started our first Chanukah without my older son. Good thing technology kept him close.

A delicate weed stands alone.

Natural distractions kept me from taking lots of disc golf photos. This happens to me a lot, because I usually shoot with a Nikon 105mm macro lens.

It was quite a blogging year for me! Here’s to yet another 12 months of random snippets and apertures!!

Looking Back at 2009, Part II

Snack time! (July 14th blog post from Seattle)

Happy one-year blogiversary! It’s hard to type while there are streamers and confetti flying all over my home office, but I’ll try my best!

Today I’m continuing to look back at my 2009 blog entries. Yesterday’s post took care of the first six months. Now let’s check out some of my favorite posts and pix from July through December.


"Palm trees" swaying in the air

I had fun taking photos on the fourth of July in our community: Fabulous Photo Fourth!

Purple hydrangeas on Bainbridge Island

Flower power was in full bloom while we vacationed in Seattle: Flower Fix.


The happy #2 son during a good round.

My #2 son competed in the disc golf world championships in Kansas City: Lessons Learned at the Disc Golf World Championships.

The #2 son and his good friend Marcus talk.

The Mister and I actually managed to embarrass our 14-year-old #2 son: Partying With the Dinosaurs—A Night at the Museum.


"You looking at me?"

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed shooting with my beloved Nikon 70-200mm lens until I used it at a disc golf tournament: Visiting With an Old Friend.

Who can resist #1’s baby blues?

A somewhat-heavy envelope addressed to my #1 son left me feeling suddenly blindsided and teary-eyed: A Large Envelope Makes Me Sad.

Our team celebrates a good block.

I shot a lot of high school sports photography this month, from cross-country (documenting my #2 son) to volleyball to football. The toughest to shoot? Volleyball! Photo Friday: Meeting the High ISO Challenge.


Christin, Cameron, and Grace take their bows at the end of the play.

Readers’ eyes probably were rolling, as I discussed using exposure compensation when shooting a high school play: The Non-Delightful Light Battle; Warning: Eyes May Glaze Over (what a long title!).

The #2 son shows off his team and seventh-place medals.

The #2 son’s high school cross-country team won its first freshman title: We Are the Champions, My Friend!


Victor tries to outjump the defender for a potential winning touchdown pass.

My sons’ high school football team almost won its first game amid the distractions of Homecoming: The Many Facets of a High School Homecoming Football Game (yet another long title!).

There's my boy!

This was the first of a three-day series about giving thanks. Here I was very thankful that my #1 son has a part-time job at the public library: Giving Thanks, Part 1.


Snow in my backyard.

Holy cow! It snowed here in the Houston area; that’s a rare occurrence (it was only the third time my sons had seen the white stuff): Let It Snow . . . For Real!

Both sons smile at the halfway point of Chanukah.

Chanukah lasts eight nights, and I was able to squeeze five blog posts out of the holiday! This one was the second of those five: At the Halfway Mark.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this sentimental journey as much as I have. I really had fun blogging in 2009, and I’m looking forward to even more random snippets and apertures in 2010!

Looking Back at 2009, Part I

The first photo used on my blog—my beloved MacBook.

Tomorrow is my one-year blogiversary! I’ve written 263 posts, Monday through Friday, for an entire year. That’s a lot of words!

In those many posts, I’ve spouted off about a lot of subjects: Photography, especially indoor sports pix and exposure compensation (a personal favorite of mine!); movie and TV reviews; food; clutter; friends; and family . . . especially my sons and spouse. You readers know that I call my sons #1 and #2, mainly because it’s easy, and my husband “the Mister.” In case you’re wondering what their real names are, #1 is Jake, #2 is C.J., and the Mister is Rick.

This blog actually started with a different focus. It was initially called “Get ’er Done,” because I was looking for motivation to declutter my house and life. But by the end of March, I had deep-sixed those get ’er dones and had decided that my blog really was about random snippets (deep and shallow thoughts) and apertures (photography). I officially changed the blog’s name on May 1. Definitely more fitting!

Here’s a quick look back at some of my favorite posts and photos during the first six months of 2009.


This was my first blog post: A Fresh Start.

C.J. shoots a free throw during a middle school basketball game.

My tutorial about indoor sports photography: Waitin’ and Hopin’.


Rare snow on Jake in December of 2008

I wished the #1 son happy 17th birthday: Happiest of Birthdays, #1 Son!

Taking nonflash photos of an Arrow of Light ceremony: Fired Up!


Jake tosses a mini disc at UTSA while his dad looks on.

March was a month of college visits for my #1 son, who is a high school senior. In this post, I wrote about how my sons kept themselves amused while we were at the University of Texas at San Antonio: Staying Amused.

I love bluebonnets, Texas’ state flower!

Bluebonnets took center stage here: Photo Friday Wildflower Style.


I also love azaleas!

Can you tell that I love taking photos of flowers? Photo Friday: Awesome Azaleas!

#2 son to tower: I'm heading for my landing!

I did a photo tutorial on using burst mode. The #2 son was a great model! Photo Friday: Burst Mode


The #2 son has the football in his sights.

Sports photography was on display, complete with an explanation of the word “bokeh”: Flag football Action Photography.

Shadow dancer

I chronicle the highs and lows of  indoor photography at our high school’s annual dance show: A Devil of a Time Shooting Angels.


#2 laughs as big brother feeds him.

The #2 son celebrates his birthday: My Baby Turns 14 Today!

A blackfoot penguin takes a refreshing swim.

We traveled to Pensacola to visit my #1 son’s then-online girlfriend. While there we enjoyed the Gulfarium: Sea Lions and Penguins and Dolphins, Oh My!

My nostalgic look back continues tomorrow!