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A Fun, Frustrating Time

Tanner, Chase, and Josh know where to look, not my sons.

Tanner, Chase, and Josh know where to look, not my sons.

What a nice weekend we enjoyed! First, both boys came home from UTSA and SHSU. While we waited for my younger son to arrive Friday afternoon and join his brother, we entertained my older son’s good friend Josh and my “third son,” Chase, who both attend college in Houston. Or should I say that they entertained me. It was good to get their take on life (and Runescape) and talk about what their post-graduate plans are (hard to believe that they’ll be done with college in May).

The boys met their pal Tanner Friday night at Buffalo Wild Wings to eat, chat, and play trivia (the Mister and I helped our disc golf friend Eric’s team and sat nearby). Saturday night (yep, cheap Mom relented so the boys could sleep in) we watched “Thor: The Dark World” movie and really enjoyed it (Loki is such a witty bad guy).

So stubborn!

So stubborn!

Then I spent the next couple days trying to get my younger son to cooperate and let me snap a pic or two of him.

“Stop it, Mom!”

“Stop it, Mom!”

Naturally, he refused to play nice. When I told him that one day his children will enjoy seeing photos of him, he replied, “You’ve taken enough pictures.”

Really, son? Enough?!? That word is not in the vocabulary of the momarazzo!

The two brothers

The two brothers (yes, Jake got his hair cut)

At least he put up with the usual pose-with-your-brother-before-you-leave harassment. Guess I’m thankful he threw me one little cooperation crumb.

Wonder what the photographic Thanksgiving break will be like . . . or do I.

Trivial Postseason Pursuits

The final standings for our local trivia league

The final standings for our local trivia league (is Beowulf that hard to spell?)

Here’s an update on our family’s trivia team:

We finished the league season, which started in April, in second place, easily qualifying for the semifinals. We managed to compete every Friday night at our local Buffalo Wild Wings with anywhere from five to 11 players, except for the penultimate contest when we tried to help our friends on Blame Canada qualify (which somehow they did despite finishing eighth). Because we scored points almost every time, including one first, four seconds, and one third place, we figured we were pretty good at trivia. Not great, but not mediocre.

Until the semifinals last Sunday. Despite having home-restaurant advantage (it was at our BWW).

The trivia league gods decreed that only five players are allowed per team in the postseason. So we stuck with our immediate family and added Josh, my older son’s pal who has helped us most of the season. It’s too bad Ken Jennings wasn’t available to replace one of us.

We figured the questions would be harder for the semifinals. Harder but not impossible. We were wrong! We had very few lightbulbs shining over our heads during the game.

In the first round, we managed to correctly answer six of the 15 questions. Our shining moment? When Josh and I somehow figured out the name of the whale that swallowed kindly Geppetto in the movie “Pinocchio” (it was Monstro). My older son watched the VHS obsessively for a week when he was five or six years old. That’s a looooong time ago! We finished the half comfortably in 17th place out of 35 teams, 30 of which would advance to Saturday’s city finals.

Then came the second round. When the five of us felt more like preschoolers than college graduates and collegians. We missed a whopping 11 straight questions. We weren’t close on any of them. What didn’t we know? The name of any Tupac song (let alone the right answer, which was “Changes”). That Canada has lots of lakes. That we should have seen “Smash” and “The Three Stooges.” And on and on. We had to laugh so we wouldn’t cry. Nothing was in our wheelhouse.

Finally, Traci, our trivia DJ, lobbed a history question that the Mister and I were able to get the bat on: In 1886, Samuel Gompers formed what organization? I’ve studied U.S. History three times now between the boys and myself, so I knew it was the American Federation of Labor . . . not that I could remember the “F.” The Mister helped out, and BAM! We had our first nine points.

Remember how we dread the lost lyrics category? Fortunately, this time those pesky words sung out to me: “I know just how to whisper, and I know just how to cry.” Yep, one of my all-time faves “Making Love Out of Nothing At All” for nine points plus the two bonus points for knowing it was done by Air Supply. Ahhh!

We made it a third correct answer (out of an embarrassing 15) when the Mister and I remembered that George C. Scott starred as Ebenezer Scrooge in the 1984 made-for-TV-movie “A Christmas Carol.”

Again, is it THAT hard to spell Beowulf right?

Again, is it THAT hard to spell Beowulf right?

Before the final question (worth from zero to 30 points), we had improbably climbed one spot into 16th place. Obviously, we weren’t the only team struggling. With our place in the city finals secured, we bet nothing (good thing, because we were wrong), and once again moved up to 15th.

So what can we expect as we try to qualify for the August 24th state final? Will it be yet another woeful effort leading to a dismal defeat? Or will we be lucky enough to get enough questions that the three young guns and the two geezers can answer?

And will “Beowulf” ever be spelled correctly?!? Time will tell!

We Are the Champions, My Friend!

The motley crew pulls through!

The motley crew pulls through!

Need proof that even a blind squirrel can find an acorn?

Team Beowulf actually won our local Buffalo Wild Wings’ weekly trivia contest recently! Woot woot!!

The best we had done up to that point were a couple of second-place finishes, which we were very proud of. We figured we’d never top that given that there are several very-serious and talented trivia teams competing each Friday night.

This time we had a gang of 11, which included the four of us, my older son’s high school/college buddies Josh and Jon, the other members of the Core 4 (Jared, Ricky, and RJ), and Ricky’s parents, Julie and Carlos.

What really helped us along the way was that the second-round double-point question (worth 18 points for us) was about Hugh Hefner and the “Girls Next Door.” Anything about that TV show and the Kardashians is smack dab in the Mister’s wheelhouse. It makes me roll my eyes . . . except when it helps him answer trivia questions correctly.

We were miraculously in first place going into the final-round question, which amazingly was the easiest one we’ve encountered so far (often they can be impossible to figure out). We had to put the following in order from largest to smallest number:

Good, old Charlie Brown reads to Sally

Good, old Charlie Brown reads to Sally

a) The number of sisters that comic strip-character Charlie Brown had.

b) The uniform number of retired Houston Astros star Jeff Bagwell.

c) The number of living children of Queen Elizabeth II.

d) The number of seasons that “Three’s Company” was on TV.

This was one for the true adults. Julie, Carlos, the Mister, and I were certain of the first three numbers: One (Sally), five, and four. We didn’t know exactly how long “Three’s Company” was on, but we figured it had to be more than five seasons (it actually was seven). So we opted to put that first on the list with the others following in chronological order. Teams can bet from zero to 20 points; if you’re wrong, you lose what you bet.

Our fearless leader, my younger son, decided we would wager 18 points. If we blew it, we would probably at least finish fifth and gain one point in the league competition. But we were right! We placed first by six points. Whew!

Our reward? A $50 BWW gift card and eight precious league points.

As well as the knowledge that miracles can happen!

Elementary Trivial Pursuit

We’re ready to play!

We’re ready to play!

Part of our family fun time lately has been playing trivia Friday nights at Buffalo Wild Wings. It started when we helped out our disc golf pal Eric’s team and then evolved into my younger son wanting to start our own squad. He dubbed us “Team Beowulf.”

We really have a great time trying to figure out the answers together. We’re all able to contribute. There’s one problem, though, with Beowulf: We’re either too old or too young; we don’t have one or two people in the middle who can help out with the questions we always fall down on . . . like 1990s music (the bane of our trivial existence).

We cringe whenever we hear that an upcoming category is “music” or “lost lyrics.” Most of the time we have utterly no idea what to answer.

You know what “C” is for!

You know what “C” is for!

Why isn’t 1990s music in our wheelhouse? That’s when we had our sons! We were busy listening to “Wheels on the Bus,” Barney’s classic “I Love You,” and the iconic “C Is for Cookie,” not . . . well, quite honestly, I can’t name one artist or group from that decade. I’m proud to say that I’m forever stuck from 1963-1975 when it comes to the songs I enjoy.

As well as those from when the boys were little. I guess we need to suggest to the trivia types to ask questions about 1990s young music . . . as in very young.

But until we recruit someone who was born in the 1970s or early ’80s, we’re stuck with our usual prayer just before the weekly music question is asked:

“Please be from the 1950s (the Mister’s fave), ’60s, or early ’70s! Or something Cookie Monster sings!!”

What’s In a Name?

Do you remember the name of Pamela Anderson’s character on “Baywatch”?

This weekend when the Mister, the kid, and I were dining at Buffalo Wild Wings, a trivia question was posed:

What was the name of Pamela Anderson’s character on the TV show “Baywatch”? After successfully answering several questions prior to this one (such as what fish is lox made from . . . most Jews know that it’s salmon, duh!), I had to bow out, because I had never watched the program.

The Mister, who had seen “Baywatch” a time or two, but obviously not because of an interest in David Hasselhoff, thought he had her name on the proverbial tip of his tongue.

“I think it’s a boy’s name,” he said. “I think it starts with the letter ‘C’.”

Imagine how much we laughed when the answer finally was given:

Our very own bathing beauty

C.J.! Which is the kid’s name.

And he’s definitely a boy . . . although at first a certain portrait studio didn’t think so.

Our iPad at Day #17

Chase plays Smule’s Magic Piano app for iPad.

Our iPad has held our family captive for 17 days now. Here’s an update:

We love our iPad as much if not more than we did on day #1! It continues to be a great multimedia device niched in between my iPhone and the boys’ iPod Touches and my MacBook. It still is not a laptop replacement, even though I rarely use my MacBook anymore (but the #2 son surfs the web on it when I’m using the iPad in the living room). Rather it’s like a standalone e-book reader or netbook on steroids. And it has great battery life.

Chase checks out the Tap Tap Radiation app for iPad.

Here’s how we used our 16GB iPad this weekend: I downloaded Tap Tap Radiation (a free app) and bought Smule’s fascinating Magic Piano app. Then I gave the iPad to my #1 son and my “third son” Chase to see what they thought of the two apps. Chase immediately went to town using them. Yes, the Tap Tap apps leave a bushelful of fingerprints all over the iPad (which is why I keep a cleaning cloth nearby), but both boys love them.

Exercise for your fingers? Only this computer generation would think that’s apropos!

The Magic Piano is just the coolest app; well worth 99 cents (this is coming from someone who only likes free apps!). Have you seen the YouTube video of the cat using the iPad (which, by the way, you could watch on your iPad)? He “plays” this piano!

The iPad case improves the iPad-viewing experience.

The #1 son and I both read e-books from Apple’s iBook store on our iPad this weekend. Now that we have Apple’s iPad case, it’s so much easier to hold or prop up the device and to carry it. Totally recommended!

When our family went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch Sunday, our iPad, of course, came along for the ride. BWW has free wifi (thank you!), so I started by checking out something on the ’net. Then I passed the iPad to the Mister, who wanted to look at disc golf results. Next, the #2 son also read those stats and then played the Magic Piano. The iPad kept us thoroughly entertained!

It also intrigued the wait staff, several of whom gathered around me as we were leaving, wanting to see the iPad in action. Of course, I obliged them by putting the iPad through its paces, ending with my patented slideshow of some of my photos (the iPad is great for showing off!).

I felt like the belle of the ball! But it really was the iPad that stole the show.