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Colorful Car Wash

The windshield gets sudsy.

Know what’s fun to do as you sit in your car during an automated wash?

Brushing off those suds on the windshield.

Take photos with your iPhone 4S!

Now it’s time for multi-colored suds.

My Honda Pilot has needed a good bath for months now. With a Groupon for a local car wash about to expire, it seemed like a great time to finally own a clean vehicle.

Are green suds really cleansing?

As I was snapping away, one thing became crystal clear (well, besides my windshield eventually):

Amoeba suds!

The car wash is a colorful experience! There are no dull, lifeless moments.

Is that the grungy light at the end of the tunnel?

Except as you near the end. But before you know it . . . .

That’s better!

All is merry and bright once again!

Dunking the Duck!

The car wash duck is ready to be washed.

Let’s check out our latest It Doesn’t Take Much to Amuse Me story, shall we?

Yesterday the Mister called me in the morning. He had brought his car in to be washed, and somehow his keys had gotten locked in his Honda Odyssey. How? No one’s sayin’. Just that it happened. Sounds like something my sons would pull. If they hadn’t been at school, they would’ve been the #1 suspects.

So I brought him his valet key (we only live about 10 minutes away) and was rewarded with a free car wash for my Pilot. That’s my favorite kind!

While we were waiting for our cars to go through the wash, I saw the above duck that was on the other side of the windows near the car washing machines (why did I just imagine gigantic Maytags?). Inside the building was a device that let you spray the duck with water.

My lame-duck attempt to spray the waterfowl

I just happened to have my handy-dandy Nikon D700 and Nikon 35-70mm lens just in case a photo op popped up. Boinggg! Here it was! I held the camera and tried my darndest to focus and shoot with my right hand while using the sprayer with my left. Missed the duck by that much!

The Annie Oakley Mister hits the target.

Fortunately, the Mister came to my rescue! He manned the duck-shooting controls, while I took care of the Nikon. Know what we discovered?

The swiveling duck

The duck swivels on the base! It was like a carnival game . . . without being goaded by a carny into paying $10 and without winning the giant stuffed bear (which we so don’t need in our cluttered house even though the #2 son would love it).

The duck comes around to the front again.

The Mister proved to be an excellent shot . . . perhaps the Annie Oakley of the car wash duck world. And I didn’t do too bad myself with the Nikon despite having to shoot through glass.

Here comes my Pilot behind the duck!

Before we knew it, there was the Pilot squeaking its way to clean behind the duck. The decoy waterfowl really had helped us pass the time in a fun way.

Big chamois strips dry off my car.

Now the Pilot was getting dry.

Drip dry duck

As the duck soon would be . . . until the next car wash patron decided to have some fun.

Next time we get the cars washed, I think we’ll bring the boys. They would love the chance to dunk the duck!

We just have to make sure that car keys do not “accidentally” get locked inside the Odyssey or Pilot!!

Car Wash and a Movie


Heading into the car wash

Heading into the car wash

An old favorite singer of mine, the late Jim Croce, wrote a song called “Workin’ at the Car Wash Blues.” Someone working at a car wash might have the blues (the guy I saw certainly didn’t look very thrilled), but I love driving through the car wash! Hey, sounds like a great song title!

When I went to get gas for my car yesterday at Buc-ee’s, I noticed that the price was a whopping 20 cents cheaper with a $5 car wash. $1.79.9 for gas plus a badly needed cleaning? Count me in!

Sidebar: This would be the Honda Pilot’s first car wash since it came to live with us in November. Dirty? Definitely!

I gassed up the Pilot and drove around to the automatic car wash. It’s not fancy, but it does a decent job for $5. Since I just happened to have my Canon PowerShot A590 point and shoot, I was able to document the whole experience for my reader(s) as I enjoyed someone other than me scrubbing my car clean. Sit back, relax, and relive it with me. Unless you’re claustrophobic, of course.

Soap time

Soap time

Time to bring in the brushes!

Let's bring in the brushes!

Brushing the windshield clean

Brushing the windshield clean

Now I know how teeth feel when they’re about to be brushed!

Watering off

Watering off

Things continue to clear.

Things continue to clear.

Ah, the clean windshield!

Ah, the clean windshield!

Back outside on a beautiful day

Back outside on a beautiful day

Something in that fifth picture worries me. Could it be the monster that hides in the car wash giving the workers the blues? Might make me think twice about driving through again!

The Car Wash Blob!

The Car Wash Blob!


General Custer and Ben Stiller

General Custer and Ben Stiller

The family saw “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” yesterday. As with all sequels, this wasn’t as good as the original. Both the Mister and I rated it as just average, but the boys loved it. #1 deemed it worthy of his top “10” rating (which he gives to just about every movie), while the more-discriminating #2 “only” gave it a 9.5. See this one for the kids.