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It Takes a Village

A look at part of the village.

The other night the Mister and I actually put on our social pants and paid a visit to friends in our community. We wanted to see Kathie and Dwayne, of course, but the true draw was one of Kathie’s passions: Her Christmas village that was set up in her dining room.

A young girl pulling her baby brother on a sled represents their kids.

Kathie started collecting the pieces in 1992 when her daughter Monica and son Tanner (who is a friend of my #1 son) were very young. Every year she adds to her wonderful village.

Snowmobile tours

This snowmobile tour building (and more) was her addition this year. It’s set up next to a ski run.

The skiers never seem to get bored!

The ski run actually works! The skiers shoot down the hill and then back up the “lift” endlessly.

Skating without falling down!

Skaters also turn rings around a rink without ever falling. That’s quite an accomplishment!

Too bad there's no ocean for this lighthouse!

Every bit of Kathie’s village is interesting and worthy of low-light photography (with my Nikon D700 and 50mm lens; my ISO mostly was set on 1250–1600).

The choir sings!

I especially liked the parts that made sound. Such as the church’s choir . . .

The old-fashioned radio station

. . . and singers inside the old-fashioned radio station (K-TOY).

A peek inside at the radio station’s singers

I set my exposure compensation at –1 to tone down the light emanating from the radio station’s window. Aren’t they cool-looking characters?

Or maybe they’re really macho men (even though this isn’t a YMCA)? After all, they are the village people!

New Year’s Eve

I hope all my readers have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve tonight! Farewell to 2009!!