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Christmas Presents

Just initials for me!

Just initials for me!

The Mister gave us monogrammed bath towels for Christmas.

Is he trying to tell us something?!?

C.J. is a Red Sox fan; Jake prefers the Yankees.

C.J. is a Red Sox fan; Jake prefers the Yankees.

Methinks the boys preferred their Major League Baseball throws a little bit more!

One-Word Wednesday

Note the red, white, and blue trees.

It’s a great message.


Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

A Gift From the Heart

My older son sprays away.

My older son sprays away.

By the time your kids are in their late teens and beyond, you think you really know them. And then one day, they surprise you in the best possible way.

When my collegian returned home for his winter break from UTSA, his first order of business just about shocked me: He wanted to make a Christmas gift for his younger brother. This, my friends, was incredibly unusual, because it would be my almost-21-year-old son’s first do-it-yourself present.

Showing his not-often-seen sensitive side, my older son thought about what little bro might want and then sprung into action. The goal? Produce seven small, starred, orange balls similar to dragon balls, which are used in the Dragon Ball animated series that my #2 son likes watching.

It’s messy work.

It’s messy work.

My #1 son invested four bucks in a can of orange spray paint. We already had plenty of small bouncy balls that the boys used to collect. So while the kid was at school last week, his older bro was busy in our backyard spraying again and again and again.

The glove fits the orange crime.

The glove fits the orange crime.

At first, my son put the orange orbs onto newspaper to dry, which caused them to have bits of newsprint on them. So I gave him a corrugated tray, which helped the cause; however, he still couldn’t get the paint to apply smoothly. When the blotchy balls finally dried, he sketched his rendition of stars on them (and discovered that he absolutely could not draw well, which he was able to laugh about, thank goodness) and showed me the finished product.

I smiled and then wiped away a tear—this was such a wonderful idea but with such poor execution. Knowing how much his brother had spent on what he bought for the collegian (the baby Luigi plushie), I complimented my scraggly-bearded boy on his effort while advising him to buy another gift, which he did.

The dragon balls

The kid holds the dragon balls.

On Christmas morning as little bro opened his big bro’s gift, I held my breath wondering what his reaction would be. Another surprise: He loved it, especially since it was handmade.

My #2 son likes his special gift.

My #2 son likes his special gift.

My older son approached the kid and explained about all that went into producing this unique present, the highs and the lows. And then they actually hugged!

This just proves that it definitely IS the thought that counts!

One-Word Wednesday

My older son likes the baby Luigi his little bro gave him for Christmas.

My older son likes the baby Luigi his little bro gave him for Christmas.


The kid’s favorite NBA player is Kemba Walker.

The kid’s favorite NBA player is Charlotte’s Kemba Walker.

A Candy Cane Christmas Wish

Candy canes all in a row

Candy canes all in a row

To my much-appreciated readers who celebrate Christmas, I hope you enjoy a sweet holiday today.

Do reindeers like candy?

Do reindeers like sweets?

Merry Christmas, y’all!

Lighting Up

Yesterday’s third night of Chanukah burns brightly.

From the candles flickering in the Chanukah menorah . . .

The bokeh’d lights shine on our block.

to the outside Christmas bulbs a-glow in the dark,

I’m partial to multicolored lights.

may your holidays be filled with bright lights, fun, and love!

Lots of colors shining here

That’s my holiday wish to you, my readers, with all my heart.

Enjoy your celebration!

One-Word Wednesday

A Christmas tree decorates the entrance of my local mall. What happened to waiting until after Halloween?


I snapped my self-portrait with my iPhone 4S in a large ornament.

Our Non-Blue Christmas

My younger son poses with some of his gifts.

We celebrate two December holidays in our house—Chanukah from my side of the family and the Mister’s secular Christmas (really more of a “mas”). When I was pregnant with our #1 son, the Mister and I agreed that we would raise our children to be Jewish. Thus both had their bris when they were eight days old, Bar Mitzvahs at age 13, and attended Sunday School at our local reform synagogue. They identify with Judaism, and I feel we all are part of the chain that links us back to Abraham.

My #1 son holds up Yoshi, a gift from his brother.

Still, we don’t want the Mister to feel left out or forgotten, so we also help him put up his pre-lit Christmas tree (so late this year because both boys were sick so no ornaments made it onto the branches) and exchange presents. Then, of course, we go see a movie!

My favorite things: Chipotle gift cards and a new iPod Shuffle

The Mister is a typical male in that even though Christmas always falls on December 25th (unlike Chanukah, which changes according to the lunar calendar), he starts to panic on, oh, December 20th or 21st. He never thinks or plans ahead when it comes to gift buying. Meanwhile, I’m burning up the iMac’s keyboard ordering from Amazon for months.

Will this be the lucky lottery ticket?

Fortunately, I always overbuy for Chanukah and generously share leftovers with the Mister. Then he and I run out on December 23 and buy small extras. Like scratch-off lottery tickets.

Looks like a winner!

Of course, the problem with lottery tickets is that there’s no guarantee that both or either of the boys will cash. So, naturally, my older son scratched off a $12 winner, while his younger brother only had recyclables. Still, the anticipation was fun.

A Cookie Monster iPhone case for my #2 son

When all the gifts had been unwrapped, there were smiles all around. This definitely was not a blue Christmas. Unless you mean the Cookie Monster case for my younger son’s iPhone 3Gs . . .

My #2 son gave his older brother this blue squeezie.

. . . and this cute little guy!

Holiday Wishes

Cute reindeer wait for Santa.

To my readers who will be celebrating tonight and tomorrow . . .

Focusing on a multicolored ornament resulted in wonderfully bokeh’d lights!

A very

Snowmen lights all in a row

Merry Christmas, y’all!

Snoopy and Woodstock rest up.

Happy holidays to everyone!!

Christmas and Spaghetti

Good will to humankind.

Our Christmas Day tradition is to see a movie. We’ve opted for “Sherlock Holmes” at 9:45 this morning. Hope it’s not too crowded!

When I was growing up, our Christmas Day tradition was to eat spaghetti. Yes, spaghetti (it wasn’t known as “pasta” back in the 1950s and ’60s, at least not in our house).

Why spaghetti? Because my mom insisted that spaghetti was what all the goyim ate on Christmas Day. And my mom did cook up a mean batch of pasghetti, as my dad liked to call it. It wasn’t until years later that I learned that most gentiles actually ate ham or turkey on Christmas Day. At the time it was kind of disillusioning actually.

But now it’s pretty funny when I think back fondly on those days. I miss my father, who has been gone since March of 1991; I miss being with my mom, who is trying to stay warm and safe up in Chicago; and I definitely miss my mom’s delicious pasghetti!

To those of you who celebrate the holiday today, Merry Christmas, y’all! Whether or not you eat spaghetti!