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If It’s March, Then There’s Madness

Whoever coined the term “March Madness” was quite prophetic: When your NCAA basketball bracket gets busted, you can’t help but be mad!

Or in my case, when your bracket gets annihilated and blown to bits.

As usual, our family has its own NCAA basketball pool. I was the champion prognosticator two years ago, while the Mister snagged the top accolade last year. This time the Mister will be dethroned for one simple reason: He didn’t fill out a bracket. The #2 son, who is our pool master, kept reminding him, but he was nursing a bad cold and missed the deadline.

Not that I feel sorry for him at all . . . well, except that I really wanted to beat him. Isn’t that what those marriage vows were all about: “Love, honor, and compete fiercely for the title of top family NCAA basketball bracketologist?”

Georgia Tech and Ohio State battle in the second round.

My #2 son takes filling out his bracket very seriously. He scopes out the odds on ESPN.com, weighing the pros and cons of each team before deciding. Meanwhile, my #1 son mostly just picks the higher-seeded team. As for me, I try to choose as many upsets as possible (we get extra points for those) and select more winners according to my heart than my head. Which always gets me in trouble.

Like with the University of Houston, the Mister’s alma mater. I went with my heart and penciled in the Cougars for two upset specials. So, of course, they lost in the first round. #2, who is a huge UH fan, didn’t pick them at all . . . smart boy! I did manage to snag two upsets: Washington over Marquette and Old Dominion over Notre Dame. But, like so many people, I missed most of the key shockers. Northern Iowa, where in the world have you been hiding?!?

Right now #1 is leading me by one point and his younger brother by two. I would seem to be in a good position. But my brackets are in shambles (I’m talking about you, Kansas and Villanova!). I had Villanova and Kansas in the Final Four, with KU winning the entire kit and kaboodle. #2 opted for Syracuse to win it all, so he might have the best chance to be crowned as our family’s top prognosticator.

We’re looking forward to two more interesting weekends of March Madness!

Love the Basketball, Hate the Commercials

I’m sick of the Capital One ads!

I could watch the NCAA tournament for hours . . . and I do. My two BFFs when I’m in my chair with my feet up on the ottoman? My MacBook for surfing the web and the mute button on the remote.


Why the mute button? Because the commercials are repetitious and inane . . . and driving me insane!

Southwest Airlines’s commercial is the most-obnoxious one.

The worst of the bunch has to be Southwest Airline’s “Bags Fly Free” commercial. It was awful the first time I saw it; it grates on my nerves every time it’s on. You’ve never seen anyone hit the mute button so fast!

These stupid, annoying commercials just add to my March Madness!