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Future Parenting (Conversations With My #2 Son)

Is my younger son dreaming about Luke and the gang?

The other night as the Mister, our younger son, and I were in the family room watching TV, our teenager said, “I want to talk to you about a parenting problem.”

Immediately, the Mister and I exchanged worried glances. What did we do this time? I’m sure that he was thinking of ways to blame me for whatever crime we had committed, because I was doing the same thing in my mind. Remember the last time our #2 son accused me even though I was innocent? And it really was his father’s fault?

Yep, the theme is playing in my head, too!

“When I have kids, should I have them see the ‘Star Wars’ movies in order or start with four, five, and six, which is how you both saw them when you were younger?” he asked.

Wish you could’ve seen the relief on our faces! While the Mister debated the pros and cons of seeing the six movies in order vs. the original trilogy first, I couldn’t get one thought out of my mind:

My son wants to have kids! Hooray!!

eChanukah: Conversations With My #2 Son

My younger son kindles the Chanukah candles.

I’m still chuckling after this conversation with my younger son last night:

He was reading the English translation of the first Chanukah prayer when he came across a word that truly stumped him . . . and showed what a different era we’re living in.

My #2 son: “Kindle? What does ‘kindle’ mean?”

The candles are burning low.

The prayer commands us to kindle the Chanukah lights. And you know what my boy was thinking . . . how long have e-readers been around?!?

Me (laughing): “No, it’s not that kind of kindle!”

The prayer will never be the same for me now.

Conversations With My #2 Son

No, my #2 son is NOT playing peek-a-boo!

Just about every afternoon when he walks in from an exhausting school day, fresh off the bus, my younger son has one question for me:

“What did you get done today, Mom?”

He just loves to frustrate my photo efforts!

He’s not being sweet by asking this, by the way. It’s not that he cares one bit about my day. I think he’s had a little too much one-on-one time with his father, who always has wondered what I do all day as a stay-at-home mom.

Do you really want to know what I try to accomplish every single day while you’re at school, my beloved high school sophomore?

I really didn’t need a photo of #2’s iPhone 3Gs instead of his cute face.

I spend hours thinking of ways to get you to stop hiding from me when I’m trying to take your picture. Please start cooperating, so I can get something else done!

Random Musical Snippets

A one-eyed unicorn

Conversations With My #2 Son

Last weekend when we were driving in San Antonio, we, of course, were listening to our Sirius XM radio. Specifically, channel 23, which had become the all-Neil Diamond station in honor of the singer-songwriter’s new album.

Diamond’s new CD, “Dreams,” features him singing covers of his favorite songs. One of them is Elton John’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” One good thing about Neil is that he really enunciates every word, which, according to my younger son, Sir Elton never did.

My #2 son: “Did he just say ‘wild-eyed wanderer?'”

Me: “Yes, he did. Those are the lyrics.”

#2: “Oh. I thought it was ‘one-eyed unicorn.'”

Sure, that makes so much sense!

No commercials = music heaven!

Driving With an Old Fogie

I truly love satellite radio. To me it’s worth it to pay extra for no commercials. However, I’d consider going back to FM if it meant I could control the radio when the Mister is driving. Why? His choice of stations.

Three years might not seem like a long time, but it’s enough of a span that it means the Mister, who is 60, loves 50s music and the 50s on 5 XM channel. Which I do not. Slow and boring just doesn’t suit me. I much prefer the 60s on 6 and even the 70s on 7; I believe that the best music produced was from 1964 (e.g., the British Invasion) to about 1975.

I control the radio in my car, while the Mister rules the airwaves in his as I fume not so silently (as in, “Isn’t it about time to get hip, Grandpa?”). Meanwhile, our #2 son is oblivious to this musical warfare as he silently sits in the back with his earbuds firmly in place.

Must be nice to be plugged into your iPhone’s iPod, listening to music about one-eyed unicorns!

Conversations With My Younger Son

My son’s track clothes and compression shorts . . . now clean

When I picked up C.J. after cross-country practice earlier this week and asked him how his day went, he didn’t mince words.

“I was so mad at you twice today!”

Now, I’m used to being blamed for just about anything and everything by my three guys, but this time I couldn’t remember what I might have done to raise my younger son’s ire.

Me: “What did I do?”

C.J.: “First, you didn’t wash my track clothes and put them in my backpack. Coach yelled at me for not having them. And then you didn’t give me any compression shorts. I had to run three miles during track athletics (last period) and three miles during practice in my boxers instead.”

Me: “Ouch! Sorry to hear that. Refresh my memory . . . at what point yesterday did you ask me to wash these track clothes?”

C.J.: “I put them on the washing machine!”

Sidebar: Last time I checked, our washing machine doesn’t feature an alert that lets me know when something placed on it needs washing. Anyone have one of those?

Me: “Did you tell me they needed to be washed?”

C.J.: “I think I did.”

Me: “Not only did you not tell me, but there were no clothes on the washing machine when I did laundry today.”

Sidebar: He actually had put them in the laundry hamper; a nice feat in itself, of course.

C.J.: “Well, I thought I did.”

Me (switching modes from listening to lecturing): “Next time let me know in advance when you need something washed. And at age 15, you’re old enough to pack your own compression shorts.”

Sidebar: I think C.J. automatically goes into eye-rolling mode when I pull out that “at age 15 . . . .” chestnut.

Me: “Are you still mad at me?”

C.J.: “Yes! I’m willing to take some of the blame . . . .”

Me: “No, you need to take all the blame!”

But he wouldn’t, of course. Sometimes it’s best as a mom to just let it go. He won’t have an ulcer; I will.

Mom can’t do anything right

C.J.: “I was mad at you at lunch, too.”

Me: “Why was that?”

C.J.: “They sold cookies today.”

Me: “Good thing you had the $3 I had tucked into your lunch bag!”

C.J.: “Yes, but I didn’t see the third dollar and thought I only had two dollars. After I bought two packs and sat down to eat, I saw that I had another dollar.”

Me: “So you saved it for next week?”

C.J.: “No, I went and bought another pack. But the cookies didn’t taste as good.”

Me: “And you’re mad at me because . . . .”

C.J.: “Because I thought you only gave me two dollars!”

You know, it wasn’t worth continuing that conversation. But I’ve got to admit, I like that my son thinks about me while he’s at school!

Conversations With My #2 Son

According to my #2 son, three PBJs is only a snack.

My #2 son eyed the above plate filled with three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches incredulously: “You’ve stopped cutting the crusts off my sandwiches?!?”

Me: “I’ve resigned my post in Captain Crust’s army.” After about a decade of servitude!

It’s time for you to deal with your own crusts, my boy!

Bonus conversation with my #2 son

#2 son: “They said Brett Favre is retiring again.”

Me: “I think I’m going to retire, too.”

#2 son: “From what?”

Ouch! That one stung!

Could it be payback for making my son deal with his own crusts?

Conversations With My #2 Son

My #2 son naps yesterday morning after playing basketball for a couple hours.

Out of the mouth of babes (well, my baby boy):

“Why does a month go by so much faster during the summer than during the school year?”

#2 snoozes yesterday afternoon after playing disc golf.

Good question, my boy! At least during the summer you can take a couple naps every day!!