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Making Good On a Promise

C.J. is ready to blow out the candle on his mini pizookie at BJ's.

C.J. is ready to blow out the candle on his mini pizookie during lunch at BJ’s.

Every so often, my ever-lovin’ though sometimes ornery younger son will look at me and say, “Remember my birthday last year? I still can’t believe we didn’t go to Dave and Buster’s.” Then cue the fake sigh.

As I cue my own real sigh, I must admit that I do feel bad about last year, even though C.J. and the rest of the Core 4 seemed to have a great time at Tilt Studio. Which is why I had promised him an eventual trip to D&B. Yesterday I fulfilled it.

The guys walk towards their world of fun.

The guys walk towards their world of fun.

Yep, my newly minted 19-year-old got to spend his birthday with his big brother and Ricky, Jared, and RJ at Dave and Buster’s in Houston. The Mister and I went along to act as chauffeur and ATM. Plus we always enjoy watching the guys have a great time. Which they did!



Most of their $20 Power Cards were wasted spent on a couple of basketball games that they played numerous times. All five of them love to hoop it up.

Lotsa tix

It’s a handful.

One of the best parts for them, besides trash talking each other, was racking up tickets. Once all the money was gone, it was time to see how much they had earned.

As a veteran mom, I knew that most of the prizes were going to be lame and cost lots of tickets. D&B, after all, is just Chuck E. Cheese’s with better food and games and without the rat. But the guys still enjoyed checking out the store and picking out their rewards (except for Jared, who is saving up his winnings).

Jared, Ricky, C.J., RJ, and Jake pose with Bumblebee.

Jared, Ricky, C.J., RJ, and Jake pose with Bumblebee.

As we were walking out of D&B, C.J. said, “You know, last year’s place was okay. But Dave and Buster’s was a lot more fun!”

Glad you had a birthday that’s as wonderful as you are, my sweet son!



Hands in pockets: Ricky, Jared, RJ, and the kid

Hands in pockets: Ricky, Jared, RJ, and the kid

I’m grateful that my sons have such great friends to pal around with. This week two of the Core 4 who room together at Sam Houston State (e.g., my younger son and RJ) were reunited with the other dynamic duo, Ricky (University of North Texas) and Jared (Blinn Junior College) for the first time since they left for college.

Although it was a short videogame-playing session, I could tell that they had a lot of fun, judging from all the laughter coming from our game room. Here’s hoping this is an unbreakable bond for these Fantastic Four friends!

We Are the Champions, My Friend!

The motley crew pulls through!

The motley crew pulls through!

Need proof that even a blind squirrel can find an acorn?

Team Beowulf actually won our local Buffalo Wild Wings’ weekly trivia contest recently! Woot woot!!

The best we had done up to that point were a couple of second-place finishes, which we were very proud of. We figured we’d never top that given that there are several very-serious and talented trivia teams competing each Friday night.

This time we had a gang of 11, which included the four of us, my older son’s high school/college buddies Josh and Jon, the other members of the Core 4 (Jared, Ricky, and RJ), and Ricky’s parents, Julie and Carlos.

What really helped us along the way was that the second-round double-point question (worth 18 points for us) was about Hugh Hefner and the “Girls Next Door.” Anything about that TV show and the Kardashians is smack dab in the Mister’s wheelhouse. It makes me roll my eyes . . . except when it helps him answer trivia questions correctly.

We were miraculously in first place going into the final-round question, which amazingly was the easiest one we’ve encountered so far (often they can be impossible to figure out). We had to put the following in order from largest to smallest number:

Good, old Charlie Brown reads to Sally

Good, old Charlie Brown reads to Sally

a) The number of sisters that comic strip-character Charlie Brown had.

b) The uniform number of retired Houston Astros star Jeff Bagwell.

c) The number of living children of Queen Elizabeth II.

d) The number of seasons that “Three’s Company” was on TV.

This was one for the true adults. Julie, Carlos, the Mister, and I were certain of the first three numbers: One (Sally), five, and four. We didn’t know exactly how long “Three’s Company” was on, but we figured it had to be more than five seasons (it actually was seven). So we opted to put that first on the list with the others following in chronological order. Teams can bet from zero to 20 points; if you’re wrong, you lose what you bet.

Our fearless leader, my younger son, decided we would wager 18 points. If we blew it, we would probably at least finish fifth and gain one point in the league competition. But we were right! We placed first by six points. Whew!

Our reward? A $50 BWW gift card and eight precious league points.

As well as the knowledge that miracles can happen!