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Natural Beauty

Love the purple!

Love the purple!

During my younger son and Jim’s doubles round last Friday in Cypress, I was a bit distracted by nature.

That happens to me a lot when I’m toting my Nikon D700 and beloved Nikon 105mm macro lens.

Rainbows make me smile.

This made me smile.

Hard to blame me, though, when a rainbow suddenly appears in the sky.



Which soon was followed by a spectacular sunset. Nature did its best to make me forget that I was there to shoot disc golf.

And I was glad it did!

One-Word Wednesday

My iPhone 5 captured the dark bald cypress tree, which contrasts nicely with the green on the bridge.

My iPhone 5 captured the dark colors of a bald cypress tree, which contrasted nicely with the green on the bridge and the blue sky and water.


Pine Needle Blanket

Pine needles blanket the grass near one of our lakes.

When I was out walking along one of the lakes in my master-planned community, I noticed a blanket of pine needles in the grass. The next day or so as I snapped pix of our brilliant deciduous trees, it was easy to see the source of that reddish-brown carpet near by.

Cypress trees are drably dressed for fall.

These are bald cypresses, which are among the first trees in our area to turn from green to brown. Although they do spice up the winter-dull of the grass, they sure aren’t as pretty as our handful of multicolored trees.

The ducks enjoy the pine needles.

Doesn’t seem to bother the local ducks, though!

New Nature Discoveries

A squirrel stays out of the way of flying discs.

When I use my Nikon 105mm macro lens to take disc golf photos, I’m always hoping that nature will provide some photo ops, too.

A huge fly stops to pose.

Because disc golf tournaments are in parks, I usually get my wish.

How I wish this dragonfly had stopped to pose!

Nottingham Park, venue of the most-recent tourney, didn’t disappoint. There even were plenty of dragonflies, not that any of them were considerate enough to stop on the ground or in a tree so I could snap a good photo. Wish they were as polite as my front yard d-flies!

From little acorns grow mighty oaks

The trees especially attracted my attention. They were short enough that it was easy to get up close and personal with their contents.

Weird-looking pine cones?

My favorites were these odd-looking pine trees sporting even odder-looking occupants. Were these destined to be pine cones?

A quick Google search revealed that this actually was a bald cypress tree bearing seed balls. It’s deciduous and will drop its leaves if autumn ever decides to pay a visit to the Houston area (debatable at the moment). The seeds will go forth and hopefully multiple with more cypresses and more interesting-looking seed balls.

Prettier than conventional pine cones!

I love when macro photography leads to new discoveries!